Children Raised by Homosexuals are 7 times more likely to be Gays or Bisexuals

Please explain the link between genetics and brain development. Those are two totally unrelated things.

There is no gay gene, other than the Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire.

There seem to be biological and environmental factors to contribute to a sexual identity other than heterosexual. But, just because there is a biological or environmental explanation for someone’s inclination to sinful behavior does not make that sinful behavior not sinful.

This was a compilation of studies. The article is based on many published studies.

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References Related to the Non-Genetic Basis of Homosexuality:
[size=2][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Bailey, J.M., Dunne, M.P., & Martin, N.G. (2000). Genetic and environmental influences on sexual orientation and its correlates in an Australian twin sample.* Journal of Personality and Social Psychology*[/size], 78 (3), 524-536. Bailey is a well-known pro-genetic-basis-for-homosexuality researcher, but as a result of this study Bailey and colleagues wrote, “ours did not provide statistically significant support for the importance of genetic factors for [sexual orientation].”

Bearman, P.S., & Bruckner, H. (2002). Opposite-sex twins and adolescent same-sex attraction. American Journal of Sociology, 107 (5), 1179-1205. Bearman and Bruckner found no support for a genetic influence, but did find support for a socialization model of male homosexuality.

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Whitehead, N.E. & Whitehead, B. (originally published in 1999). “My Genes Made Me Do It! - A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation.” Constantly updated and available on the web at Dr. Neil Whitehead is a research scientist who has authored over 120 published scientific papers. This current book is based on a comprehensive 13 year review of over 10,000 scientific papers and publications on homosexuality. Whitehead writes, "Geneticists, anthropologists, developmental psychologists, sociologists, endocrinologists, neuroanatomists, medical researchers into gender, and twin study researchers are in broad agreement about the role of genetics in homosexuality. Genes don’t make you do it. There is no genetic determinism, and genetic influence at most is minor."
Reference for a General Understanding of Behavioral Genetics:

Baker, C. (2004). “Behavioral Genetics.” Available on the web at Washington D.C: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The AAAS also publishes the journal Science. "So when next you see an article that proclaims, “Gene for [insert human behavior here] discovered,” read it with a critical eye… The pervasive role of genes in behavior does not mean what it is commonly misunderstood to mean. It does not mean that a gene or even several genes can make you act in any particular way. It does not mean that a behavior can “pass down through the genes.” Such claims are not accepted in behavioral genetics… So while we do inherit our genes, we do not inherit behavior traits in any fixed sense. The effect of our given set of genes on our behavior is entirely dependent upon the context of our life as it unfolds day to day[/FONT][/size]

Just because the “gay gene” hasn’t been found yet, doesn’t mean it does not exist. It’s very possible.

Sure it could be. IMHO about as likely as finding that the earth is only 6000 years old.

No, offense, I know how to read. But I can take any number of published material and write my own opinion about it. The fact is that this “study” is no different than any highschool essay. It hasn’t been published in any psychology journal, therefore, it’s credibility is 0. Moreover, it’s a lie. Many psychologists came out and said that their studies are being misinterpreted by fundamentalist christians.
This case makes no difference.

I can’t believe you still cite that. Please, don’t induce people in error with that article. I’ve already proved in 2 other forums that it’s self refuting. I’m not going to prove here as well.

I’m pretty sure it does exist, but it probably won’t be found anytime soon.

These are a list of several recent studies. These indicate that sexual orientation is either genetic and/or biological

Evidence for maternally inherited factors favouring
male homosexuality and promoting female fecundity

Genetic models of homosexuality: generating testable predictions

The association between the fraternal birth order effect in male homosexuality and other markers of human sexual orientation

Genesis of Sexual Orientation: From Plato to Dorner


There is no gay gene as there is no single gene that determines height or hair colour. There are a number of genes, and we are already working on discovering them based on comparative studies and expression products.
Nowadays, most scientists accept that homosexuality is partially genetic, partially hormonal and partially due to environmental causes, these acting together, not separately. However, it’s not a choice as alliterate fundamentalist christians claim.

And the fundemental flaw in this similar brain theory … ie that similarity of brain affect sexual orientation … the man who has a brain that is similar to a womans would feel/act/desire “womanly” … but what compells then the other half of the equation … the man who would respond and desire this “womanly” man over a real woman? … or that all gay men are somehow more “woman” than man …

The same is true of the woman whose brain is similar to the man’s … this would say that she is more inclined to think/act/feel 'manly" but what of the women who would choose her over a real man …

That is why the “gay” gene has nevver been proven though they put forth this puedo scince all the time …

Also, the push for finding the gay gene is loosing its appeal … with genetic testing of children and the option to abort those who have genetic dispositions undesirable … the gay community does not want a “gay” gene discovered … they fear that genetic testing … though as other posters have intimated … they have nothing to fear, the gay gene has not been discovered …

Actually, there is no big rush to find a “gay gene” because the scientific community understands homosexuality is normal variance within the animal kingdom.

Well, the purpose of the research is not to determine whether or not it’s normal. We already know it’s normal. But it’s part of a larger study to see what determines behaviour and phenotype in general from a genetic and a molecular level.

Yes, how humans operate. Every aspect.

Every gay man or lesbian woman I have had the privilege of knowing and worshipping with…were raised by “straight” parents.

A child raised in an environment of love and acceptance would be able to “come out” to these parents. No big surprise…all those gay parents who have chosen to adopt that I am acquainted with…have only adopted troubled or disabled children…one couple I know adopted a young man of twelve…when he hit puberty he “came out” to his two dads who counseled him to remain sexually inactive until he could make choices he would be willing to live with…this young man in his young adulthood stated how grateful he was to his two dads…they had “given him permission” to remain chaste until he was emotionally mature enough to deal with sexual activity.

It was during these later years of his adolescence that he came to grips with his sexuality…he didn’t have to worry of being shunned by family or church…he had a strong support network in place and had the freedom to discuss his sexual issues in depth that many gay teens simply do not have…especially those teens from overly conservative households.

On the contrary to your statement, I have many hours or research in this area. With several classes, and papers written on this topic, I am no expert, but I do have experience in this particular subject. From my own reading, biological remain the main factor, not environment.
There are several studies that have strengthened the argument for a genetic basis in homosexuality. In 1993, Dean Hamer determined homosexuality is linked to the X chromosome, via the maternal gene Xq28. Dr. Dean Hamer, a educated geneticist, is the director of the Gene Structure and Regulation Unit at the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Two following studies were able replicate the results and other studies have pinpointed other chromosomes to contribute to homosexuality. (The Science of Desire: The Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior (Simon and Schuster, 1994).
Other studies have link genetic and chemical environment to determining a child’s orientation. Twin studies, epigenetic studies, maternal linkage, birth order studies pheromone studies, even studies of the brain structure have determine biology to be the main force. All these studies recognize that sexual orientation is present at birth.
There are profound biological (physiological and cognitive) differences between gay and non-gay persons that whether being raised by homosexual or heterosexual parents would remain. Wikipedia has a short and concise list of these differences.
As stated before, children raised by homosexual parents may have a higher percentage to live a homosexual lifestyle, but this is clearly due to genetics and or biology. Also once again the accepting environment that the children are accustomed to, would allow them to ‘come-out’ at an earlier age rather than later.

[/FONT]What Has Been Concluded From
1000 Recent Articles On Homosexuality?

Yes, I agree. I’ve reviewed numerous PUBLISHED “scientific” articles and a large percentage of them, believe it or not, are rubbish. Many scientific “studies” don’t even have controls.

I spent about 1 minute skimming that website for me to realise that there is nothing of worthwhile interest in there except more garbage for evangelical and fundamentalist Christians to buy into.

How about all of it? :rolleyes:

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