Children raised by same-sex couples healthier and happier, research suggests


In what they described as the largest study of its type in the world, University of Melbourne researchers surveyed 315 same-sex parents and 500 children about their physical health and social wellbeing.

Lead researcher Doctor Simon Crouch said children raised by same-sex partners scored an average of 6 per cent higher than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion.

“That’s really a measure that looks at how well families get along, and it seems that same-sex-parent families and the children in them are getting along well, and this has positive impacts on child health,” Dr Crouch said.

“Previous research has suggested that parenting roles and work roles, and home roles within same-sex parenting families are more equitably distributed when compared to heterosexual families,” he said.

"So what this means is that people take on roles that are suited to their skill sets rather than falling into those gender stereotypes, which is mum staying home and looking after the kids and dad going out to earn money.

“What this leads to is a more harmonious family unit and therefore feeding on to better health and wellbeing.”


So Gracepoole I have a few questions about this.

  1. Does the Bible actually condemn homosexual acts?
  2. Or is God wrong on this?

I ask these questions because if children are indeed healthier and happier in same sex families then doesn’t that lead to the idea that same sex families are good for society.


I actually just shared the article/study. I didn’t comment on it.


There are many studies that have come to this conclusion. You can just go on Wikipedia and read all about them.

Unfortunately they’ll all be dismissed here, despite being factual evidence.


Was there any particular reason why you posted the article?


I can only speak from personal experience.
Of the 2 I know who grew up in same-sex households, no, they are not happier and healthier, rather, they are miserable and very very angry people.

One of the mothers of one of these kids seemed intent on fulfilling every bad stereotype of gays that’s ever been put out there.

God bless.


I found it to be an interesting article. I’m not fishing for arguments, if that’s what you’re getting at. But issues surrounding the raising of children by gays and lesbians seem to pop up here routinely, and so I assumed that others would find it interesting, as well.


Is it the fact that same-sex couples are raising the children or that the heterosexual family unit has been broken for decades due to the decay of society?


I don’t believe it. How can you measure the happiness of children in a study like this. And where does their faith come into the picture? I would bet they have their own agenda and are looking for this outcome going into it. Check out Narth website for more info and also Courage website. I know one young man, raised by 2 moms and he is a normal guy with ups and downs. Happier, who knows really??


My personnel knowledge of such children contradicts this article as well


Same with the ones I know. They have great difficulty holding down jobs. They don’t “launch” well; they tend toward serial sexual relationships, and more often than not spend at least some time on the streets or at the Drop-Inn. Most of them have addictions of one kind or another.


** Since the survey was filled out by same sex couples, I don’t think it is very unbiased.**


Since we’re all sharing anecdotal evidence…

I have two friends who are lesbians and who have successfully raised two children through the foster care system – one since he was twelve and another since he was three days old. Both of these children are thriving educationally, socially, and emotionally.

For every horror story, I think it’s reasonable to assume that there’s a positive story to rival it. :shrug: I think this is why anecdotal evidence is less than reliable.


When posting the article, you perhaps didn’t notice that the study was made by a same sex parent. It may have been best to point out what Dr Crouch carefully avoids!
The article includes:

Ms Phillips also questioned the the objectivity of the study’s lead researcher.
"Simon Crouch is raising two young children himself with his male homosexual partner, the results should be taken with caution," she said.

Many years ago my sister worked in the Prime Minister’s department regarding statistics.
Her comment after several years when no longer bound, she commented, "Statistics can be made to read anything that suits those involved.

Sure a same sex-parent can ensure he interviews appropriate to the desired end!
Whom did he research? The great majority of Australians who are not same sex?

The trouble with so called social researchers is that they are not accountable and their sources are seldom made public.
However too many people accept self-interested or shewed ‘statistics’ as fact.

“He says she says” proves nothing!


Same-sex parents and their children.


I did actually read the article I shared, so of course I “noticed” the portion to which you’ve referred. I didn’t find it too appealing, since in terms of a logical argument, it amounts to an ad hominem attack. “Of course you can’t trust Fr. O’Leary when he says abortion is murder. After all, he’s a priest.”


Lead researcher Doctor Simon Crouch said children raised by same-sex partners scored an average of 6 per cent higher than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion.

What family?

Doesn’t one have to have a family to have family cohesion?


What’s often missing from these articles is that there is often a selection bias. It is not clear how the participants were selected. Many times these studies are not random selections but ask for volunteers which puts into doubt the validity of the study. It also does not included how the study controlled for other factors. For example many same sex couples tend to be dual income and highly educated living in urban areas. This in itself can result in higher self reported well being scores. Finally this is not a multi year study but a point in time. Follow the kids for 20 years and see if they fare any better than traditional heterosexual families with the same socio economic backgrounds.

In other words there is nothing in the article that proves that the study’s validity or that it’s conclusions are even remotely valid. Not really suprising given that sociology is consistently the most biased of the sciences (and I use the term losely).


Fr. O’Leary however drew on many generations of teachings and science.


Something I remember is that no-fault divorce was promoted under the idea that a “peaceful divorce” would be better than an acrimonious marriage.

Numerous studies came out showing how much happier children were after divorce. It was not until these children hit their 30s and 40s that the extent of the damage was discovered.

So I will pay no attention to the analysis of a self-selecting, self-analyzed survey…

Oh, and one thing I noticed about US studies on SSA “families:” the increased propensity of adolescents from these families to experiment with SS physical relationships was *not *considered bad, unhealthy, risk-taking behavior, and so not considered a negative outcome.

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