Children, Speaking parts in the Bible

I can think of only two places in the bible where small children have a speaking part:

When Isaac asks Abraham "Where shall we get the sacrifice?"
And where the young Christ says “Didn’t you know I would be in my Father’s house?” (or something like that?)

Can any of you think of other places?

If those are the only two places, that is pretty interesting, typologically.


There are other places where children speak, though it doesn’t say how “small” they are, like when some boys taunt Elisha for being bald and a she-bear comes out of the woods and eats them (as a bald guy, I *love * that story :smiley: )

Also, there is the story of Samuel where he hears someone calling his voice (it turns out to be be God) and goes to ask Eli if he called him.

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