Children watching TV

I struggle with letting my 12 year old watch television shows, because I really think he is not ready for them. But there are many shows I think are appropriate, such as sports and game shows (we love Jeopardy in our house, except for that Cylon Watson. He frightens me).

I came across this blog and wanted to know what you guys thought of his points:

If you are with the kid and explain what is happening and the values and so on, it is good.
Anyhow, the less kids see TV the better.
The American Association of Pediatrics advised that children under 2 should NEVER see TV.

I think its a matter of knowing your child and what they can and can not handle as far as TV and movie content. We’ve let our daughter watch TV shows/movies that other parents wouldn’t even consider letting their children see. But we watch the programs/movies as a family and we discuss the content. I don’t think there is a fast and hard rule that all children under the age of such and such shouldn’t see certain programs, especially when you have an older child and their maturity level may be more advanced than even some of their own peers. The discussions I’ve had with my daughter after seeing a more mature program has helped our relationship and has built trust between she and us as parents.

I think it comes down to being a responsible parent. For me if I did not have the occasional toddler TV show, I would never get ANYTHING done. Letting them watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Thomas the Train once or twice a day is fine. Letting them spend 10 hours in front of the TV is not.

We have rulee in our house, there are shows allowed and those that are not. We don’t watch TV during meals either. \

You just have to be vigilant. I rarely watch “network” TV anyway. Most of the shows we watch are on DVD, or the USA Channel, and we usually watch them AFTER the kids are in bed.

I just had to say, Nice! :smiley:

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