Please pray for my marriage. My husband is not ready for kids and I am. I am getting depressed and sad now. My husband wants to wait for me to finish school. I will be taking my state exam July 14th to finish with my school. Please pray that I pass my State Exam July 14th, 2007 so that I can start working and start having a family.

God Bless you all.

Thank you.


I’ll pray for your marriage and for your exam on July 14th.:gopray2:




My prayers are with you … it’s not long to wait now :gopray2:


Thank you so much for your response to my prayer request. And thank, thank, thank you so much for your intercession. May God bless you. I truly appreciate it. I really need your prayers because I feel this depression coming over me. I am trying to keep hope that I know our Lord will hear us calling out to him.




I will pray for you. I will pray that God will help you with what is best.


Thank you all for your responses, your support and your prayers. Please pray that our Lord’s will be done in my life and that we accept and live according to His will. May God bless all of you too.


I am praying for your intentions.


Praying. :gopray:


My prayers include your requests. I also pray for your patience…God hears all, and answers in curious ways, sometimes. It seems like many things are happening for you right now…good things. More good is before you. Just pray, and be patient. Don’t fret now, look to the day ahead…there are countless blessings with each rising dawn. :hug1:


Thank you, Meanolemelissa. Your words are very encouraging! Thanks for praying for patience for me. I know I need it right now. I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for. God is good. And I know that he hears our prayers and answers when he deems is good. Thank you. God bless you.

Thanks to all you have responded to my prayer intention. I am thankful for you. You are all like little angels to me.


Praying for you - strength and courage to ace that exam, peace and patience to begin the family when ready, and for you and your husband to embrace through love - whatever life holds for you both. God Bless.


Thanks for your kindness.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for the blessing of this couple’s marriage and their openness to new life in You. Thank you for the blessing of schooling and of employment. Thank you for the opportunities they have before them. I pray that you continue to bless them in their endeavors to lead a life pleasing to You. May their marriage continue in strength and gentleness, in passion and reflection, in prayer and service, in self-giving and in unity. May they seek to do Your divine will in all things, and may they praise You for the abundant blessings you have bestowed upon them. Amen.


Wow. Thank you so so so much! I am going to print this and look at it every day and read it to my husband.

God bless you too.


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