Childrens' author donates to Planned Parenthood

I heard this on the radio a few days ago: Daniel Handler, who writes under the name of Lemony Snickett (Series of Unfortunate Events) was going to be interviewed. Before the interview, the radio host read an article which Handler had written about giving to charity. He mentioned that he has given a large amount to Planned Parenthood. Ironic, isn’t it? The man who makes his living writing books for children donates to an organization which tries to keep children from being born.

:eek: That is a bit scary. I guess its a good thing that I found those books a bit boring.

Indeed - a series of unfortunate events perpetuated…

Talk about an unfortunate event!

:rotfl: Someone had to say it! :rotfl:

Having read the whole series, because when I start reading one I like to finish… I really think that there’s better to give your kids. Not “morally better”, just better-written books.

:mad: It is truly ironic that he contributes to the killing of his “audience.” I’m continually amazed at our ability for self deception. It’s like the local grocer putting cyanide in the occasional box of cereal.

I’m not surprised, considering his bush/cheney crack in “The Slippery Slope” and the scalia crack in “The Penultimate Peril.”

He’s obviously a liberal and donates his money accordingly.

Well, with his writing style, he’s obviously a hipster, and hipsters tend to be casually liberal (though generally with a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome)… so I kinda figured he was liberal, and those particular snarks axolotl referenced annoyed me because they were the most obnoxious breaking of the fourth wall. The constant assurance that “this is a story” is more of a literary convention, but the world of the Baudelaires is not the real world - it doesn’t need blatant, name-naming references to the real world in it.
And if anyone’s read “The End”, the last few chapters of “The End” were egregious and boring. Who else agrees? axolotl?

Hmm, well i only read the first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events and hated it, I thought it was boring.

I find it funny How everyone only associates PP with the abortion issue, they do far more than just that, I agree a lot fo that does not fall within Church teaching, BUT they spend hundreds of thousdands of dollars educating our youth, why cant anyone ever find the good someone or something also does?
do you talk down the medivcal profession? yet they have to be in on every single abortion there is yet I never see one thing ever posted bad about medical professionals on this forum,

I find it rediculous sometimes PP is one of the biggest funders of the “sex can wait” campaign aimed at teens yet I have never seen it mentioned here, you didnt think our Church was funding that I hope they give Zero towards that, they help fund a lot of the teen nights at local churches bet you didnt know that either.
How many of you donate to those causes?

Yes PP is also the biggest promoter of ABC,and I have to actually take your words for it they push abortions,( we dont have abortion clinics in our area, those are done basically at Drs offices and I have never sought one out,
I am not saying they are a good organization nor a bad, I am saying sometimes before making a judgement we need to look at the big picture, you are allowed to direct charity money towards certain things within an organization, just maybe the money this man is donating is going towards the sex can wait or teen night type things…

Is it possible he is actually doing a noble thing just has to use a questionable charity because I “better” charity wont step up to the plate and commit?
sorry to ramble its early I should be sleeping lol

abortion is never good nor should we look the other way But we can and should also look at the good that is done not always just the bad, Be more like Jesus is what I was told, Do they look at the good along with the bad? or just look at the bad?

Thanks for informing us about this author. I haven’t bought any of his books, but I might have. I wonder if there’s a thread that tracks pro-abort donors.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider bar none. There is no other business in the US that gets anywhere near the number of children PP kills each year.

The reality is that every single week Planned Parenthood kills 5,095 children. That is no small figure.

As for PP’s “other” services,

According to PP’s newest report it:

committed 255,015 abortions
sold 2,347,352 doses of contraception to women
sold 89,705 doses of contraception to men
sold 983,537 doses of "emergency contraception"
performed 2,480 male sterilizations
performed 601 female sterilizations

Short of the fact that it sells contraception and abortion lets look at some of the “other” services Planned Parenthood reports:

HIV Testing, women: 160,131
HIV Testing, men: 48,784

Hm… from some of the pro-PP remarks I’ve come across day to day I would have figured a lot more than that from 859 clinics over the span of a whole year. It even commits more abortions, something people claim to be a “very small” portion of its business, than HIV tests.

Breast Exams: 926,763

That’s only about 3.5 breast exams for every one abortion. If abortion is a “very small” portion of its business then I guess breast exams would just be a “small” portion?

In a similar proportion Planned Parenthood sells about 3.5 doses of contraception for every one breast exam. (Contraception that is identified by the World Health Organization, as well as the American Cancer Society as carcinogenic)

Pregnancy Testing and counseling: 1,073,728

Ok now finally something else that broke the million mark. So that equals about 4 pregnancy tests for every abortion.

According to PP’s Guttmacher Institute 54% of women who became pregnant when they did not plan to were using contraception the month they became pregnant.

The largest single number listed is for STI procedures: 2,527,609

Well, that’s misleading because it combines both men and women, so it is still smaller than the total contraceptive sales of 3,423,675.

There is a category labeled “other services” which accounts for 20,084 treatments given to women. Not even 10% of the “very small” number of abortions that Planned Parenthood commits.

Also note that while the number of abortions PP commits continue to rise it reported:

82,562 fewer breast cancer screenings than the previous year
5,062 fewer instances of prenatal care given
32,925 fewer pregnancy tests
35% fewer infertility clients
7,630 fewer primary care clients

Oh… I almost forgot adoption referrals; in the last report Planned Parenthood noted 1,414 adoption referrals, or about 180 abortions for every adoption referral. That also averages to about one and a half adoption referrals at each clinic in the entire year. (also to note that every year for the past 5 years adoption referrals have decreased and abortions have increased)

Moral of the story? Planned Parenthood is a business based around the sale of contraception and abortion. While it does report performing other procedures they are dwarfed by the amount of abortion and contraception it is involved in.

Furthermore, it is almost moot the amount of “other” services Planned Parenthood performs. If I gave out food to the homeless but only every…5,000th meal was poisoned. Would you just look past that and say “Wow, look at what great work he’s doing feeding all those people”?

This of course is not to mention the fact that Planned Parenthood is the organization responsible for challenging the Comstock laws and opening the postal mail up to the porn trade, and then just 10 years ago defeating the communications decency act to open up the net to porn. This is an organization that markets lollipop shaped condoms to kids and gives out “sex toys” as “prizes” at its events.

Is abortion the only thing Planned Parenthood does? No, but it is involved in many other things that are also intrinsically evil all the while it is the fourth leading cause of death in America by killing 5,095 children every week.

To learn more check out STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood) and sign up for their mailing list to find out all the evil that Planned Parenthood really does.

He isn’t the only one Judy Blume has been a supporter of abortion, contraception and sexual immorality for years. She is even currently serving on PP’s board.

Do you have a link to this article or to a transcript of the radio interview itself? I’d like to read it. TIA!

I know a lot about PP and could spend hours relating the information. However, the basic point is that PP is a discrete organization, not analagous to the medical profession, who promotes, supports, engages in, makes money from, and creates markets for contraception and abortion. Regardless of the “good” they might do, the organization is intrinsically evil in its purpose. PP is a master at PR and much of the “good” it appears to do is ordered towards more sinister purposes.

And, yes, if a discrete organization within medical practice (not the medical profession as a whole) conducts abortions, I do not support them and speak out against them.

We do need to be like Jesus who was clear that you cannot do evil AND good at the same time. You cannot serve two masters. All the good in the world does not justify even one abortion.

If you really want to know more about PP, it doesn’t take much searching on the Internet. Go to the American Life League’s website ( and do some browsing. You will find that they use PP’s own materials to make their point. You can get these same materials from PP, but you really have to dig and know where to look because PP doesn’t like to promote their “warts”.

If you Google the author’s name and “Planned Parenthood” you will find a New York Times article where he says something to the effect of “If your salary equaled the amount of money my wife and I gave Planned Parenthood one year, you’d be in the richest 1 percent in the world…”

The reason I don’t post the link itself, is the New York Times is a (free) subscription site, making it useless for most people.

It’s kind of like how everyone associates Lee Harvey Oswald with assassinating President Kennedy, and not his service to his country as a radar operator for the Marines.

But murder is like that… it tends to blot out less significant acts.

Oh man…really…:frowning:

I actually enjoyed most of the “series of unfortunate events” books (although the ending was really dumb!).


crosses him off my favorite authors list

Thank you for the decent reply, you at least used facts good and bad where the previous poster neglect4d to even mention the good. I never said I was pro PP all I said is we are not targeting the right abortioners, we need to target the people actually performing them, starting at the top.the AMA and work our way down,

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