Children's Author Judy Blume Seeks Donations to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Washington, DC ( – Famous children’s author Judy Blume is no stranger to controversy, but she’s added to herself to a list of people who will be remembered for something more devastating. Blume is lending her name to the solicitation of donations for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.

In a new missive ironically celebrating mothers day, Blume suggests sending a donation to the pro-abortion group to honor mothers.

"Say thanks this Mother’s Day with a gift that honors her courage by making a donation to Planned Parenthood in her name. I guarantee you that she’ll be pleased. I know I would be,’ Blume writes.

“There is no organization that I know of that supports motherhood and all that it means more than Planned Parenthood. That’s why I’m honoring moms everywhere with my gift to Planned Parenthood today,” Blume adds.

Blume notes how more woman are seeking abortions form Planned Parenthood because of the difficult economy and she urges readers of the email to use that as a reason to support the abortion business.

“And right now — with more and more women seeking care from Planned Parenthood health centers — we need to do all we can to support them. By honoring a mother in your life, you’ll be making a gift to millions of mothers and families who seek care from Planned Parenthood. That’s a gift any mother will appreciate,” she concludes.

Planned Parenthood offers to send a card to any donor’s mother saying that a person sent a donation to the pro-abortion group in her name.

In a pub note that goes along with the fundraising letter, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards thanks Blume for her support.

“There are very few writers who have helped more young people grow up and grapple with their changing bodies and emotions than Judy Blume,” she writes.

“I count myself among her biggest and most grateful fans — and am so lucky to call her my friend. I’m honored to relay her message about motherhood to you today,” Richards adds.

ACTION: Contact Judy Blume with your complaints about her support for Planned Parenthood at Judy Blume, c/o Tashmoo Productions, 1841 Broadway, Suite 711A, New York, N.Y. 10023. You can also email Judy at and leave a message on her public guestbook by going here.


This is really ironic! She’s seeking donations to help murder her own future customers! The world has gone mad.

I feel the same way about this as I did when I found out that the teacher’s union I belonged to was giving donations to Planned Parenthood. After that time I began asking for my PAC money back each year, something most teachers fail to request. Why would anyone that is benefitting from writing for children or teaching children do something so ridiculous as support Planned Parenthood which encourages abortion?

As a fan of Judy’s childrens books I sent her an email of my disappointment, and how she has just lost a life long fan. I am very heart broken about this.:frowning:

This is just mind numbing.

Judy Blume books … Brings back memories. I was reading one of her books assigned in fourth grade when I ran across my first swear word in a book. “Blubber” I think it was. I learned about masturbation and wet dreams from “Then Again Maybe I won’t.” My mom had no idea what she was buying me. But I did like the Superfudge Series.

Doesn’t surprise me at all that she would support PP.

Because many pro-choice people do not by any means see fetuses as children yet, and feel they are doing the right thing by preventing unwanted children from being born, since they are more likely to have a hard time in life.

I get why people are pro-life, but you have to acknowledge why other people are pro-choice to make any progress on the issue. They don’t all sit around looking for ways to murder babies - most are very good people, parents themselves, who love kids, but they simply do not see a first term fetus as a child yet in any way.

People did not see Black people as being fully human,hence slavery.People did not see Jews as fully human hence the slaughter of 6,000,000.In the future people will look back at abortionists,their supporters and their apologists with the same repugnance and revulsion as they do Nazis and Slavers.

I tend to disagree with this train of thought. IF there were so many people out there who didn’t think or believe that fetus where not human than why do they tend to use the phrase “I wish there where not so many abortions,” OR “abortion is horrible but…” I think something deep down inside them know for certain that fetus are in fact human. They just would rather follow the mob then to stop and think that that fetus might just be a human who is about to have his arms and legs ripped out.

On the other hand I do think that there some who honestly don’t know but they too are guilt by default. It goes back to rustling in the bush scenario that I am sure you have heard a thousand times. We must all learn to educate ourselves before we run off half cocked and bring half the neighborhood with us.

Agreed. But even though many see them as human to an extent, they don’t see them as human in the way developed humans are. They recognize it is as taking a life, but not as killing a human being.

This isn’t all that surprising, really.

Blume’s work is vile. She actively leads youth towards evil. Donating to Planned Parenthood is simply a continuation of what she has already been doing.

Hahaha, I was about to say the same thing!! Great way to lose customers, eh!

Guess which books I’ll be trashing this week:rolleyes:

How can you honor people who stop women from becoming mothers on Mother’s Day?

If you can’t afford children then don’t make children.

Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until there six weeks along.

• **Gender is determined **- **Immediately upon fertilization **your little one is set as a boy or a girl. Ladies, this is one that you can’t take credit for since it is up to the sperm to determine the sex of your baby. Sperm carries either a “X” (girl) chromosome or a “Y” (boy) chromosome.

Neural tube forms - It will develop into the nervous system Already your baby has the foundation for thought, senses, feeling, and more!

Heart and primitive circulatory system rapidly form - While still in its beginning stages, this is the very life support system that will carry your child throughout his or her life.

First heartbeats begin - If you have an early ultrasound you may not be able to recognize this tiny being as a baby, but there is no mistaking what it feels like seeing your child’s heartbeat on that screen. That rhythmic beat is echoed in your own heart.

Umbilical cord develops - This is your baby’s lifeline in utero. It bears the responsibility of pumping in oxygen, removing waste, and supplying the necessary nutrients for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Blood is now pumping - All four heart chambers are now functioning, insuring your baby’s body will receive all it needs over not only the remainder of your pregnancy but throughout life.

Most other organs begin to develop - Your infant’s lungs start to appear, along with her brain. Already your little one is preparing for a quest for lifelong learning!

And this is the first 4 weeks!

Slaveholders didn’t see Black People as fully human.Nazis didn’t see Jews as anything but vermin.Do we excuse those behaviours because they were accepted and legal in their respective societies?No we do not.We condemn them.
In the future Abortionists,their supporters AND their apologists will be condemned for their de facto criminal behaviour.

There are no degrees of Truth.Truth is NOT relative.

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