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Does someone have a recommendation on a children’s bible which is the complete bible and not a story bible?


Is there a reason you are putting this restriction on our recommendations? IME, it is better to respect the developmental abilities of children and use a story Bible first, because it gets the point across without taxing their limited ability to pay attention.

That said, I think I saw one recently called the Adventure Bible or something like that that is a “real” Bible aimed at kids. The RE director at my church showed it to me, so I don’t think it has anything in it that would be a problem for a Catholic child. (Some Protestant children’s Bibles might.)


We already have a couple of story bibles so I’m wanting to move up.


Oh, and we already have an NIV children’s bible so I want one that’s Catholic. Thanks!


NAB St. Joseph Edition is complete, and usually has extras, like prayers and the precepts. There is a cute one with Noah’s Ark on the cover.


I use the Zondervan’s Children’s Bible (Catholic Edition) for the religion class that I teach. It is the Good News Translation. Here’s a link for it on


You might check the selection here:


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