Children's Book does anyone remember

I had this story and also read it to my children, it was a “chapter” book for perhaps a 3rd grade reading level, with lots of pictures.
It was about a little Chinese (or Japanese) girl whose mother was trying to save her from soldiers, possibly revolutionaries, and put her in a decorated trunk. The trunk ended up on a ship bound for the new world, eventually Mexico I think, and the little “stowaway” was found, and ended up with a Mexican family.

Does this strike a chord with anyone who can give me the book or author?

I’ve never heard of it. Sorry

Doesn’t ring any bells, but…

The woman who runs Collectible Children’s Books ( might know. She’s a font of knowledge about pre-1980s kiddie lit, and she’s gotten back with me right away when I’ve had questions similar to yours.


Also, this seems to be a great resource:

From the site:

“Have you forgotten the title of your favorite children’s book? This is a service to help solve your book mysteries. Submit your memory here, and see if anyone else remembers your book memory, or better yet, knows the title and author!”

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