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My oldest enjoyed Veggi Tales and Donut Man but she’s getting a bit old for these. Do you have any DVD recommendations?


I haven’t purchased these yet (I’m such a procrastinator :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I’d love to get these for my kids:

CCC of America DVDs

They used to have Old Testament movies, too… I’m having some trouble finding them…

I LOVE those movies, even as an adult! I try to catch them whenever EWTN airs them!

I agree with Truly Beloved, these videos are great for kids. There’s also one about St. Bernadette & one about St. Francis. I’ve shown several to my 2nd grade CCD classes, and my own children have loved them, too.

Ignatius Press has quite a few Catholic videos for kids.

There’s also Kingdom Under the Sea (Return of the King; The Red Tide; The Gift), too:

I haven’t seen them, but I think Sancta said her kids like them.

sadly there are few other than those already mentioned
EWTN has a series on the Eucharist but they are not primarily for entertainment

The Miracle Maker (about the little girl who is brought to life by Jesus) is for elementary age students.

start looking for mainstream movies and tv shows on tape that teach Christian values, or are based on books she likes (Little house, Anne of Green Gables etc., Little Women etc)

other Christian publishers have done a better job in this niche–Hermie (Max Lucado) series, VT, but they are for younger kids (my jr hi students still love VT and Larry Boy). Penguins, by makers of VT are for older kids.

Adventures in Odyssey broadcasts are on audio don’t know about dvd’s

NEST family videos are well done animated re-telling of bible stories, for school age children, but the series is expensive. I have viewed at least a dozen and seen nothing against Catholic understanding of the bible. you can get individual dvd’s in Christian bookstores at the standard dvd price.

some Catholic catalogs that do have kid’s video: Oblate Media (Videos with Values), Ignatius Press, EWTN religious catalog

We have several of these and the children really liked them. Now at 15 and almost 13 we’ve moved on to the many wonderful live-action Saint stories. They also like documentaries like the Story of Fatima.

You didn’t mention her exact age… but I really enjoy “The Footprints of God” series. They are very educational and exciting… taking the viewer to the very places where Our Lord, Our Lady and the Apostle’s lived and walked!

If she is still under age 10… they may not hold her attention. But you never know! Kids these days are much more savvy than we were! They are certainly appropriate for an older child or teens. She might really enjoy these. Link to follow.

God bless.

My kids love the CCC videos!

You might also want to try Catholic Child for ideas:–VHS/products/41/

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