Children's examination of conscious

Can anyone provide a link to a Children’s examination of conscious – especially for a second grader making her first confession.

Click on the link for the examination of conscience for Children (underneath the guide of a good confession).

You could go through the summaries sections of the Third Part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (i.e Using the Morality section which focuses on the 10 commandments, just read the end of section summaries.)

Thank you for the link.

What examples of sins for the 6th and 9th commandments would apply to a second grader?

Here’s a couple good ones:

Does your child disobey you? Im sure they do. They can use that. They are not honoring you or God when they are disobedient.
Hope that helps:D

Unfortunately, too many could depending on how much of their innocence has been lost.

  1. Looking at dirty pictures.
  2. Desiring sex when they can physically do it (many TV programs would lead them to this desire.)

You want to discuss this with them carefully not only discovering sins, but also setting misperceptions (which are not sins) correct so they can avoid future sins. Main stream society is trying to make good hedonists of them, including “sex is good with anyone (regardless of sex, age, etc.) anywhere”

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