Children's Hospital Boston Offers "Sex Change" to Adolescents

“They’ll probably be infertile” says “sex change” doctor

By Michael Baggot

BOSTON, MA, April 21, 2008 ( - Endocrinologist Norman Spack of the Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) is continuing to promote the Gender Management Service Clinic, whose services include giving “transgendered” children puberty-delaying drugs so that they can choose the gender of their body.

“Unique in the Western hemisphere, the clinic will also care for children and young adults who present as transgendered - those who have no known anatomic or biochemical disorder, yet feel like a member of the opposite sex,” stated the Pediatric Views, a publication of the CHB.

“The puberty-blocking drugs work best at the beginning of the pubital process, typically age 10 to 12 for a girl and 12 to 14 for a boy,” Spack explained to the Boston Globe.

These sickos are getting more and more demonic every day.

The LifeSite article is based upon an article which appeared in the Boston Globe. Here is that article:

Working on a model borrowed from Dutch researchers, Spack uses drugs to delay the first stirrings of youngsters’ puberty, granting them a few more years before they develop bodies that are decidedly male or female. The effects of these puberty-blocking drugs are reversible; that is, patients can later change their minds. Unfortunately, this is not the case with hormones. Therefore, Spack prescribes estrogen and testosterone to only a few teenagers - after months of consultation with the patient, his or her caregivers, and psychiatrists.

I can understand about concern about providing hormones to teens, but is there any danger from delaying puberty?
(Pathia answered this in another thread, when the Spack topic came up, but perhaps more people will weigh in here).

They are delaying puberty to buy time for the sicko quack Dr. Frankensteins to do their demonic voodoo-madness.

I worked at Children’s Hospital during the spring and summer of 1986, as part of their Work Experience Program. And I’ve supported their efforts to help children with serious illness over the years. Now, they’re trying to open a clinic fo offer sex change drugs to them?! That is a betrayal of their mission to help the children! It’s sick and disgusting!

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