Children's Liturgy


Our church offers a children’s liturgy 1-2 times per month. The children leave during the readings & homily for their own instruction on the Gospel reading. The children love it, & attendance continues to increase. I have some very orthodox friends (wonderful family w/ 10 VERY well behaved & VERY Catholic children) who would criticize what they called, “the mass exodus of children”.

Does your church offer such a liturgy? What is your opinion on a Children’s Liturgy?


Our church does not offer it. However, as one who had children’s church in a Protestant Church, I much prefer worshipping with my children than having them leave. I would rather sit in the cry room and participate in Mass with my children than to have them leave.


I think that children should remain at mass/Liturgy till the end. The liturgy is a great way to learn the teachings of the church and to learn what the bible says. The central part of the Liturgy is the Eucharist, if the children are leaving prior to the Eucharist they are missing out on alot even if they can’t recieve. For 1900 years the Liturgy was the way that people learned there faith. The entire Liturgy is scriptural, not just the epistles and the Gospel.

I think they should stay to the end.


there are two other active threads discussing this topic, so will not repeat my comments again, but if you are talking about a Children’s Liturgy of the Word, the children leave after the opening prayer, are taken by their catechists to another room to hear the readings proclaimed from the Children’s Lectionary, have some teaching and discussion of their meaning, in terms they can more easily understand, and are brought back to the assembly during the preparation of the gifts, and should be in their places before the Eucharistic prayer begins.

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