Childrens return

Many times on this forum there are parents writing in with stories of how their children have left the faith. It is very disheartening and an extremely difficult thing to go through. I myself am a revert and am very bothered at times by the hard time I put my parents through but I did return and many, many others do so also. It took me a while but God led me home. I truly believe it was the prayers, specifically the rosary, my father prayed daily that brought me home.

What I am wondering is if others who have teens or young adult children who have returned could offer encouragement to parents here on the forum. I would like to hear stories of teens who return to the faith. Can any parents offer any advice of what they did or how they were able to get through that time of their child’s life.

This is very much my case. I left the Catholic Church when I left home as a young adult. My Dad always told me he would pray for me and all of my siblings, to go back to Church. I’ll never forget him telling me one day “I’ll pray for you even after I leave this world”. He prayed the rosary every day (I later found out), and he died in 2005.

In 2009, after a “tugging at my heart” I returned to Church - and it’s changed my life. It filled that emptiness that I had felt for so long. I know my Dad is smiling, thanks for your prayers and intercession Dad. I am now praying the rosary every day for my grown daughter who never had the Catholic upbringing that I had. I hope one day she finds her way to the Catholic Church. :gopray:

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