Children's Souls


I have always wondered this and a friend and I some how started talking about this. Do children go to heaven even if they have no relationship with Jesus? I know that if a baby dies the Bible says that God takes care of the children. I’m talking about this: What if there is a kid that is 12 or 14. His parents have never mentioned God or church to him. So he honestly has no idea about religion or about a relationship with God. Would he go to heaven of he died? I know its kind of…well its not kind of…it is a odd question…but I really want to be able to answer her. I don’t want to have to try to make up an answer for her.


We have to ultimately depend on God’s mercy. All of us. But I would have to think that a 12 or 14 year old child that, through no fault of their own, does not know Jesus would have a much better chance of getting into heaven than many of us sinners who claim to know and love Him.



Actually this goes for an adult as well who has the same issues:)

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