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For parents of small children what TV shows(if any) do you like?

I like Disney’s Charlie and Lola, about a brother and sister.

I also love Backyardigans. (Sometimes, I watch it even if they aren’t interested.)

Does anyone watch Oobi?

Just curious.

My daughter is 3 almost 4 and I have to second Charlie and Lola. We got rid of cable so we just have season 5 and 7 on DVD. I also love Jack’s Big Music Show. Unfortunately they only have one DVD so we don’t get to watch it to much. When she was younger she liked oobi-but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that her dad is famous for his hand puppets.:smiley: I like Backyardigans, but sometimes they bother me, but I’m not exactly sure what it is I don’t like. I think it might be how commercial all of the Nick shows are. I don’t really like Dora and Diego for the same reason but my daughter loves them! So, I just try to limit the craziness. Overall, I love Charlie and Lola-I’ll watch those and read the books even when my little girl is not around.:stuck_out_tongue:

We don’t have cable so our choices are limited.

My wife and I really like the Backyardigans though. (I’m also a huge fan of Bear in the Big Blue House although my children don’t care for it anymore).

My one son is a huge fan of Diego.

We like pooh and friends,
My two yo likes wow wow wubzy
Me I still like good old fashioned Arthur(even though DW is a bit whiney)

When DS was small there was a Pooh program that looked possibly like a puppet show with Pooh and friends. I loved it because the ending song was so sweet, like a lullaby.

DS was just a couple of months, so he couldn’t watch, but the song was the sweet part.

Has anyone seen the Oobi Red Riding hood episode? My favorite.

My 18 month old loves Elmo’s World and Baby Einstein videos.
I try to limit what he watches but these seem okay.

My 3-year-old granddaughter loves Little Bear and Little Bill. I’m a Backyardigans fan. We both hate Lazytown. The only channel she is allowed to watch is Noggin.

I LOVE Lazytown. We have the soundtrack and rock out to it all the time.

The following are house favorites (in no particular order):
Curious George (PBS)
Clifford (PBS)
Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (PBS)
Max and Ruby (Noggin)
Lazytown (Noggin)
Wow Wow Wubzy (Noggin)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney)
My Friends Tigger and Pooh (Disney)
Higgleytown Heroes (Disney)
Charlie and Lola (Disney It’s her FAVORITE and her Best :wink: )

I forgot all about Mr. Rogers. I loved him growing up. My kids like him too. I was really sad when he passed away.
The reruns aren’t on as often anymore.

What is Noggin?

Noggin is a cable channel that has children’s programming only. It also has no commercials so when the kids watch, they don’t come running saying, "Mommy… can I have…(the candy, the toy, the cereal etc.) It has many of the Nickelodeon programs. I’m not sure if it’s available in most areas yet.

What I don’t like about it is that is 24 hours. I don’t know what kids are up at 3 in the morning watching TV. :shrug:

LoL, I was wondering that as well. But I guess for those of us with little onese who wake up randomly.

I confess that when Vivi has woken up with a nightmare and just not gone back to sleep, we will go watch and little Noggin at 3am and she goes out in about 10 minutes. I am such a bad Mommy.

On my list favorite shows, I forgot to list Upside Down Show and Oobi (also on Noggin)

I love the concept of NO Commercials. I am going to check in my area.
thanks for the info.

Right before noggin went 24 hours of programming my little one was sick and spent a noght in the hospital where she recieved breathing treatments around the clock. This messed sleep cycle up and I remember being so tired once at 2 in the morning looking for something on tv to entertain her while I dozed.:smiley: Sure wished they had it then!!

**Little Einsteins **is #1 for our 2 and 4 year olds

Handy Manny is about second maybe tied with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

That’s about all we let them watch, and not every morning. Tryin to limit it while we still can :slight_smile:

The late, lamented Blue’s Clues - especially the episodes featuring the original host, Steve Burns. This is truly one of the best children’s television shows ever made. Noggin has the Steve episodes in reruns, and my two-year-old just adores it. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll retract my comment about tv at 3 in the morning. I guess for sick kids, or nightmares or insomnia, TV at night is ok.
I didn’t think of those scenarios.

DD loves PlayHouse Disney shows, and they don’t do commercials either during their toddler/preschool shows. It’s nice. We canceled directv, but when we had it her favs were

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - have a bunch on DVD, too
Bunnytown - I think it’s goofy, but I’m not 2:D
Pooh and Friends

I love Charlie and Lola, but DD wasn’t nuts about it. She also loves Signing Time DVD’s, Charlotte’s Web, and Toy Story. Yes, we watch a little too much tv. :blush: DD works from home so she ends up watching some TV while he’s working and I’m away at work.

No worries, I think we all feel like we watch a little too much tv.
Sometimes it is just necessary. My husband and I work opposite schedules so sometimes I just have to pop in a Baby Einstein Video to get something done.:blush:

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