Chile Considering to Decriminalize Abortions for Specific Cases


One of the world’s most pro-life countries is currently immersed in a tense battle where abortion advocates need to confront the facts: abortion does not solve a country’s problems.

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Thanks for the links! I will keep this matter in my prayers.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I will do so as well.


Chile’s current laws are extreme, theocratic, and nonsensical. In the recent Chilean case of the 11-year old girl who was raped by her stepfather, Chile would force her to carry the pregnancy to term. That is monstrously cruel and absurd. So, yes, Chile’s abortion debate matters to me, but for completely different reasons than those of the blog writer.


Aborting the child wouldn’t undo the rape. Whats wrong with adoption as an option?


It is never cruel to insist that someone carry a pregnancy to term. Please give us a logical and clear argument as to why you think that, and furthermore, please also confront the reality that the only way to believe what you believe is to also believe that abortion is a morally viable thing to do. Editorializing by using words like “extreme, theocratic, nonsensical” does not count.


Are you serious? What is monstrously cruel is ripping a baby apart limb by limb simply because it was conceived in rape or for any other reason for that matter.


Nothing is wrong with adoption as an option. What is wrong is forced childbirth for rape victims who become pregnant via their violent attackers. To prioritize the supposed rights of a fetus over the rights of an innocent woman is wrong. If you are not the rape victim, you don’t have a say in the matter. Full stop.


Really? :rolleyes:

The following testimony will provide you with some perspective:


Apparently, the children of rape victims must be punished with the death penalty.


The fact remains that abortion is always wrong and nothing good can ever come of it. If someone thinks an abortion solves anything, then the thought is perverse and is itself wrong.

You. can. not. say. that baby murder is okay. If you want to try to make an argument, then do it. Sad stories, which the above is, do not, scratch that, can not, invalidate the reality that abortion is wrong, every single time and under all circumstances.

The slaughter of a person… come now. Think about that. Nobody says rape is okay here, but abortion does not fix anything.

Stop the casuistry. Please see the bad logic. “My rape was traumatic, ergo I can abort the growing human inside me.” WHAT???

Abortion is either murder or it isn’t. You can not escape that dichotomy. And if you say it is not, which by implication you seem to be although I’m not stuffing words in your mouth, then you’d be wrong.

Be logical and stop using sad stories. Sad stories don’t make moral realities. Of course there’s a place for that, but not in determining whether something is right or wrong.


Children and embryos are not the same thing.


They are both human beings, one is younger than the other. Every one of us was once a child, once a newborn, once an embryo. We were and are the same individual then as now. Age should not determine whether or not we can be killed.


Two-year-olds and ninety-nine-year-olds are not the same thing.


You write out a cogent and simple argument as to when you think a human acquires all rights–and don’t say that birth is a good marker because even silly aborto-ethicists admit that the “birth is the demarcation” argument is stupid–and maybe we can engage.

I’m pretty sure you already know what the Church says is clear based on clear scientific evidence so I won’t go into that.


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