Chile doctor maria luisa Cordero

Can any Spanish speaking people help me understand this article

try copying and pasting it on Google translator. it works though not 100% accurate

Hi Panevino,
I know Spanish a little. I hope this helps until someone who knows Spanish better can assist.

It appears to be a letter of opinion to the editor by someone who is taking issue with the Doctora Maria Luisa Cordero about a recent article or TV program she did.

To the best I can tell, the person who wrote the open letter to the Doctora accuses her of looking down on a couple of the Chileans (On the Chilean football squad I think) for being too indigenous looking.

The person who wrote the editorial says he is a proud descendant of the Mapuche indians in Chile. He appears to accuse the good Doctor of being condescending to anyone who looks indigenous, indicating that the good Doctora considers people with more European looking features (Spanish, northern-European, etc) to be of better quality and are more attractive than the indegenous people.

I didn’t see her original article to see if she really said or implied those things, but the opinion piece writer appeared to take issue with her in a strong way.


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