Chilling Interpretation on Genetic Data about Gays

This is one of the most chilling things I have ever read. While the concluding quote was that “If someone is gay, then they deserve respect and equality regardless,” a researcher who points out that certain DNA sequences give a 30-40% that a male will be homosexual had this to say:

*"Although this could one day lead to a pre-natal test for male sexual orientation, it would not be very accurate, as there are other factors that can influence the outcome,” Dr Bailey said.

“Clearly parents should not be allowed to torture or kill babies. But they can currently choose to terminate a pregnancy early on, so they should be allowed to have as much information on the future child as possible.”*

Whether or not you believe that all people who believe themselves to be homosexual have a genetic predisposition of some kind or not, that quote ought to make chills run up your spine! :frowning:

Chills are running up and down my spine, and they feel like combat boots.

I wonder if they Gay Rights movement will still support Abortion when babies begin to be aborted because they think they will turn out to be Gay?

Makes you wonder if some homosexuals wont start considering opposing abortion out of concern for people aborting their future gay babies. So that message from the gay community would be to not abort so that people can be gay. So weird!! But hey, any opposition to abortion is welcome even if their reasoning for it is off the mark. There should be no abortion so children can be born as HUMAN BEINGS , straight, gay, deformed, male or female!

I dunno, there are plenty of people who defend the so-called right to abort your child because she’s the wrong sex. :frowning:


I think it would be interesting to see/ hear what the far left has to say about this especially with the implication of being able to choose to abort a potentially gay baby. I suspect if this sort of testing became available and reliable, they would likely change the laws to protect the potentially gay child with some sort of exemption in their crazy abortion laws. Because …well, THAT would just be unnacceptable. After all they have morals! Sorry couldn’t help the sarcasm.

But yes in general, this is disgusting and vile! All these brilliant minds being put to use for such harm. :mad:

There are gays who have expressed the fear that the discovery of a clear genetic basis for homosexuality might lead to the condition being seen (and treated) as a birth defect, yes.

I don’t really see this as anything new. People have been worried for decades over the implications of prenatal genetic testing and what it would mean for some sort of modern eugenics resurgence.

As someone who supports gay rights and abortion rights, I also don’t see why a lot of posters think that this poses some sort of conflict of interest. I believe that gay people should have equal rights, and I believe that women should be given the dignity and privacy to make their own medical decisions. I may not like or agree with those choices, but I see them as her inherent right to make.

I actually see this as more of a conflict for the far-right than the far-left. What is an evangelical family who believes in praying the gay away going to do when confronted with the choice to have a gay child or abort? Both or morally repugnant to them, but which would they say is worse? I suspect some extreme Southern Baptist and other similar groups are going to find themselves a little more ok with abortion, if it prevents “abominations” from being born.


Did anyone else notice the contradiction in this quote? Is not choosing to terminate a pregnancy the same as killing (if not torturing) the child?

These supposedly learned people seem so out of touch with reality. They are buying into all the lies even when they are right in front of them…

Well stated.

No, it isn’t something new, it is just the possibility of the same bad old thing getting worse.

Is this really what you think of “extreme” Southern Baptists, BTW? The Baptists are not going to embrace abortion so they can keep from having a gay child any more than the “feminists” are going to allow the banning of abortion even though the unborn children who are killed for being the wrong gender are nearly always female.

If you don’t think that abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn child, I’m not sure what business you have to “agree” or “disagree” with someone else’s decision to have one. This is not about making people follow the opinions of other people. It is about protecting vulnerable people from those who would kill or harm them, which no one has a right to do.

really don’t like it when someone says they know what Catholics are like because of something they saw on the news, and I don’t like it when people do that to members of other ecclesial groups.

The Westboro Baptists are a group of around 20 or fewer people, most of whom are related, and are *not *representative of all Baptiste any more than they are of all Christians, a group which includes Catholics.

I think that most pro-life, anti- homosexual *behavior *people can navigate what you see as a tortuous moral maze with great ease. We don’t kill people, even if they have a problem with a particular temptation.

Ok, since two people have called me out on naming Southern Baptists, I’m going to go ahead and say that I was just using them as an example. And yes, there are evangelical Baptist groups that do believe that homosexuality should result in the death penalty. I know this because I’m related to some of those people. I could definitely see a big internal conflict for people who do hold those extreme views. And when I say extreme, I mean very extreme. No need to get defensive, I haven’t seen anyone on this site that wasn’t an obvious troll that even comes close to the hateful, angry, religious zealot relatives that I have.

As for whether or not I agree or disagree with these choices, that was not in response to you. It was in response to the notion that people like me, who support both the rights of gays and women, would have an internal conflict. I don’t see a conflict because the reason that the woman is having an abortion is none of my business and not something that I care to find out.

Only repeating what I have heard:

There are many in the gay rights movement who believe this is when the Catholic Church will finally come out in favor of abortion as a solution to homosexuality!

Science can work both ways!

I agree- No matter how scientifically neutral the scientist is trying to appear-this tells me the scientist has issues. Based on this, I would think the science is flawed because the scientist is.

There are many in the gay rights movement who believe this is when the Catholic Church will finally come out in favor of abortion as a solution to homosexuality!


I know you’re just passing that info along, but it’s just another American liberal talking point.

Yes, many of them will. The gay rights movement hardly has the interest of GLBTQ folks full front and center.

There may be some blindsighted idealists, but money and political power are a big force in it, too.

And as long as some get GLBTQ approval, money and attention, they don’t care so much. :sadyes:

That’s why we in the Church should be ready to receive them once the false promises of left-wing activism and big government lies fail them. :thumbsup:

The sanctity of life is way above sex orientation in the greater scheme of things. No other way this can be within the Church. Kill the gay fetus? Will never have the permission of the Church for that and I fully agree with that stance. Pro-life can’t mean anything unless it’s pro- all life. But some parents may take things into their own hands, as already happens for other conditions.

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