Chimera-Old News but found it interesting

I just thought I’d throw this in there 'cause I thought about as I was reading the post on DNA. I saw a special a while back on Discovery or The Learning Channel about people born chimeras. A person originally had a twin (fraternal, I think) in utero but some how that other twin doesn’t make it and gets absorbed into the living twin. The living twin now has organs or other body parts from that other twin with different DNA. The person has two types of DNA in their bodies. The show featured a court case and story where mothers who are chimeras were going through heartbreak trying to prove to the courts or to themselves how their DNA tests were wrong. I can’t imagine what these mothers were going through trying to prove their innocence or that they weren’t crazy or something.

Here are some articles about it. I know I included a wikipedia one but it has a few trustworthy refereces at the end of the page and I saw the special myself…just can’t remember which health channel. This special is a lot older than I thought so some of you may have seen it already.

Do stories like this make you wonder just how full proof DNA testing is?

It makes me wonder if the idea of an immaterial soul isn’t horribly outdated…


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