China aims to eliminate poverty by 2020




Nothing more than Maoist propaganda :cn:





I called it what it is. Communist Propaganda.



I’m not buying into this Communist Agenda.

Move there if you wish.


People are hard to change their opinions.
things change so quickly in China it’s so hard for others in the world to catch up.
so if they haven’t seen it, it’s propaganda.
If they saw it in the news, it’s fake news.
If they see it for themselves, there is still something beneath the surface that they don’t trust.

Once prejudice forms, it’s hard to change.
Their belief is like peudo-science, it’s unfalsifiable. No matter what evidence you present, their opinion is the same.


Let’s remember the Tiananmen Square Protests for a moment…

Perhaps a list of Human Rights Violations will help too?



All western propaganda according to your definition of propaganda.



Perhaps this news will help?

Now i see the ultimate way of not violating human rights…withdraw from the UN human rights council. Bravo!


That is difficult to believe, in view of the many reports to the contrary. Is there any documentation to show that no one died at Tiananmen?


Research it for oneself, a lot of the “fentanyl” coming into the USA is from China and that is poisoning many people. If one can not find links, I have plenty.

We’ve got to remember too, when things are said, a lot of times it is diplomacy, like establishing new relations with Cuba. Things like that. Negotiating with North Korea over nukes.


Everyone is better off. It’s not like the rich are getting better and the poor are getting worse. The only difference is in rates.

There aren’t even many actual individual people who stay poor or rich. Real people (not statistical averages) are moving up and down all the time.Most people in the poorest quintile have cars and tvs and smart phones and air conditioning and most modern conveniences.

Even in Los Angeles and San Fransisco, where the “street people” are largely mental patients and drug addicts.

Finding a place to park is an issue for a lot of people.

A good chunk of those in the lowest quintile at any specific time even own their own houses.

People are poorer when they are younger and richer when they are older. That’s kind of the way things have to be. You start off with no experience and little possessions. You work, you save, you build up retirement and so on.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that process, so why make it out to be a bad thing just because people at different stages of their lives have different things?

Civil rights advocates have campaigned, successfully, for “de-institutionalization” of mental hospital patients. Supposedly there were supposed to be “half-way” houses for them; but, that never happened. So, these poor unfortunate people were dumped out onto the streets, because “they were being held against their wills in mental hospitals”.

Keep in mind … the halfway houses and shelters are there – but many will not use them. A woman was found dead at the bus stop in front of HHS headquarters – she had money, a ticket for a shelter **and **a family looking for her. She chose to sit on that bench in the freezing cold.

Institutionalizing people against their will, when they have committed no crime and are no more of a danger to others than any of us is a real problem. Do we want to start locking up people “for their own protection?” How many annoying critics and other people obnoxious to the powers that be will be committed like that?

Finally, none of this attacks the “root causes.” Shelters and soup kitchens and institutions – even if you can get the target group to use them – don’t make those people not poor. The best these measures can do is make them a little more comfortable in their poverty – and if they don’t want to go to the shelters, soup kitchens and institutions it’s hard to see how making them go will really make them more comfortable.

To attack “root causes” we need a new paradigm – one aimed at making poor people not poor any more. How do we take the functional illiterates our school system has turned out and get them good jobs?

Dr. Richard Roukema, RIP, was an MD, and head of a major department at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey … stated that 80% of homeless people are either mental patients or drug addicts.

In other words, the ONLY way those 80% can be helped is by “re-institutionalization”, but that has been outlawed and forbidden.

So, now where are we???


I was talking with a homeless man and mentioned to him about the shelter in the neighborhood, He said that he had gone there, only to be told that they were full and could not accept any more. And it is true, that near the shelter, there is a field and in the field there are so many people sleeping and wandering about because they are waiting their turn to get into the shelter which is beyond full to capacity.


Time to find another town?


Won’t help. They are also filled to capacity. Take a drive through Los Angeles and see the tens of thousands of homeless people surviving in tents. It is a disaster.

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