CHINA - As police stops woman who tried to "bring the Gospel" to Xi Jinping, Wenzhou bans Christmas celebrations in schools and universities [AN]

The woman, a member of an underground Protestant community, denies having mental problems, but wants to spread the Gospel to change party members’ “corrupt thoughts”. In Wenzhou (Zhejiang), the authorities crack down on Christmas celebrations, deemed “Western spiritual pollution”. Surveys indicated that some 60 per cent of university students want to learn about Christianity. In Beijing, 3,000 people are baptised on Christmas night. Zhejiang supplies 60 per cent of the world’s Christmas decorations.


Atheism at its finest.

Protestantism is apparently booming in China. Some think they could have as many as 100 mil protestants in that country which is astounding.

You mean anti-theism at its finest; and this has more to do with control over society than with religious views.

This is not Atheism.

Her detaining seems to be linked to lack of Freedom of Religion, not Atheism.
And…I can’t quite tell, but was she trespassing? And causing a disturbance at all?
(another article says this woman has a history of doing this)
The fact that they took her to a hospital also shows she may have been acting unwell.

Atheists and Theists should be able to express themselves in a way that does not intrude on others.
Not allowing someone to have or express their religious views has nothing to do with being an Atheist.
It’s got to do with ego and being a dictator.

If a person has one belief, and thinks everyone should believe what they do.…that’s the problem.

You see this kind of thinking with Theists, too. A lot.

You see families shunning their children if they do not believe what they do.
That is not so different than what this government is doing.

I’m going to guess that a Catholic family would not welcome their child putting up Islamic or Hindu icons or placards in the house in an attempt to convert them all.
Same thing.



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