China bans dog from Olympic menu

China has ordered dog meat to be taken off the menu at its 112 official Olympic restaurants in order to avoid offending foreign visitors.

Restaurant workers are advised to “patiently” suggest other options to diners who order dog.

Any restaurant found violating the ban would be black-listed, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Dog - known as “fragrant meat” - is eaten by some Chinese for purported medicinal properties.

The ban, issued by the Beijing Catering Trade Association, forbids all designated Olympic restaurants from offering dog and urges other food outlets to remove the meat from menus

Yay… a post from myself not related to “peak oil” or other related environmental calamities.

OK, no fido-burger. But what about cat, I wonder. They also eat cats…

I haven’t seen cat meat here yet. I’m planning on at least trying the dog before I leave, though.

It’s a pretty funny regulation, but I can see why the PRC is doing it. This is China’s big chance to show itself to the world.

The radio news report said cat on the menu is a Cantonese thing. Maybe you have to travel further south?

That’s possible. I actually have only run into dog meat at a Korean restaurant here.

But Canton is like, a thousand miles away from Beijing…

Just curious, would they still be serving “Dalmatian Salad?” Its a side dish that my bil commonly refers to as “Dog Salad.”

shenme cai???

Many years ago, our favorite Chinese restaurant in St. Pete. was closed for a few weeks by the food inspecters because they found cat carcasses hung up in their reefer. We went back when they reopened, though.

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