China cannot be allowed to take over the world


I must have missed something. I’ve never known people to be OK with China “taking over the world.”


XI has a vision that isn’t pretty. They have taken usury and internet crime to a whole new level.

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I see, even George Soros happens to have an editorial telling us of how careful we need to be: Good topic too. I’ve kept up with news of China as we need to.

Marco Rubio has talked on this quite extensively.

All of this is not idle talk, they are building in Africa, they are trying to build a new Silk road from Asia. I take my hat off to them for building a bridge recently that truly is an architectural wonder.

The Epoch Times, website, is good for keeping up with the news.

Great OP.

In one of their provinces, they have work camps for the Uighur Muslims, in the state of Xiaxiang (I think), they aren’t easy on Christians either.

There is just a whole, whole lot going on.

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Conflict between the US and China is inevitable. Eventually, they’ll decide to annex Taiwan and we’ll be drawn into the conflict.

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Sadly, China’s agenda seems to be flying under the radar for the most part.

Their nest egg is what concerns me.

And this…

But you’re not everybody, I was okay with it until about a year and a half ago.

Yes and I hope it starts today. The longer we wait the stronger China gets militarily.

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What’s clear, is they do this with Christians, Falun Gong (who seem largely involved in that Epoch Times newspaper) and Muslims, is they seem to have some sort of idea of how everyone, Chinese should act, like a uniformed citizen, they want all of their citizens to sort of be a certain way (with some leeway).

One of our intelligence chiefs, they said China is the biggest threat to us by far.

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One wonders about the limitations of China’s military capability. Certainly, it can exceed the manpower of any likely combination of nations. But it takes a lot more than that now. When it comes to technology, there is no reason to think China is unable to develop technology comparable to that of the West or steal it from the west.

Will it have the financial resources? That’s a good question. China has few natural resources of her own (though there appears to be oil in the South China Sea and coal in Manchuria) and will be obliged to buy commodities abroad forever. China, like all dictatorships, undoubtedly has a very large budget allocation to those who maintain the power of the rulers. Inability to support the “nomenclatura” and secret police was one of the things that the Soviet Union ultimately foundered on.

Will it be the same with China? Hard to know. The Chinese people are still poverty-stricken by western standards, and possibly the Chinese rulers can keep a lid on that.

Asia is the fastest growing economic area in the world…China is already building up it’s bases in the South China sea…and yet the US does nothing except send the odd warship or two as a sign of defiance…it’s military is bogged down in the middle east fighting an endless war costing trillions of dollars…and what country trusts the US anymore with the way this present administration seems to threaten it’s so called friends over defense pact treaties…naturally China is going to play the good guy…Africa is another fast growing region…and the Chinese is giving billions of dollars"no strings attached"…who believes that…

When George Soros says something, I don’t listen. The US is a threat to world peace. The Chinese are ahead of Russia in terms of defense. The Washington Post is owned by Amazon and has lost credibility.

Some of us might find it interesting the wide array of people including Steve Bannon saying this same thing. Just because he’s George Soros doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

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When the Juan becomes the reserve currency and my neighbors start speaking Mandarin, I’ll start worrying about it. They hold a lot of U.S. debt but are afraid of using it as leverage it seems. Probably won’t change in my lifetime.

In my opinion, a US :us: and India :india: Alliance could roll right over China.

It’s hard to see China as alone in such a “roll over.”

Russia could intervene but I think they’re more interested in Europe

No. But playing on people’s fears and presenting them with fearful news can stall critical thinking. The current balance of power in the world can be seen in the open military literature. China is upgrading. It has sent a probe to the Moon. A look at its current military equipment and developments indicates it wants military parity with the United States. Russia is not in a good place militarily or economically. Russia needs to watch its back with China.

They could and probably would. I believe the possibility was brought up during the Bush 43 years.

This is being dubbed the Chinese century, whether that is an accurate assessment or not.

I believe the 20th century was the American century.

Again, if one uses the term “Chinese Century” one will find dozens of articles, it doesn’t mean one is making an endorsement. It is a coined term nowadays.

The thing is, I don’t necessarily see them as a hostile power, not a hostile power in every way at least, but they don’t have a deeply ingrained sense of respect for human rights.

More interesting reading:

China and India I gather have both been civilizations forever compared to us at least. China seems to be aiming for a homogeneous society, India is a very diverse country. I already saw a graph the other day that those are the two biggest economies but there are probably ways to measure such things.

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