CHINA - China, studying high-speed rail line from Beijing to Washington [AN]


The rail network would be 13 thousand kilometers long and would cross Siberia, the Pacific Ocean, Alaska and Canada, before arriving in the United States . No official confirmation from Beijing. To cross the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska, the underwater tunnel would have to be about 200 kilometers long.



This would be a good thing IMO, give the airlines some competition when it comes to international travel, no reason why they should be the only choice when people need to travel to different countries, especially in the year 2014!

Plus, China is close to literally owning the US out right, so I guess they can do what they like here! lol


I didn’t read the article but wouldn’t china have to have permission to cross siberia from russia? Russia and china both know the u.s. is in decline so if they ever wanted a joint takeover of our country it would be to their benefit to have this railway.


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