China faces growing gender imbalance

A difficult choice, here. Celebrate homosexuality or prepare for 20 million axe-murderers who don't know any girls and still live at home with their mums beyond the age of 30? Or extend capital punishment for speeding and jaywalking? Or prepare for war?

Not sure what happened with your link (truncated?), but here is another try:

BTW…the article doesn’t mention it, but the “one-child” rules do allow two children. If both spouses are from one-child families, they are allowed to have two children. I don’t have a link for this, but it is what I was told by one of my Chinese customers a couple of years ago. Apparently, in the article, they also allow for a second child if your first is a girl in some rural areas.

All of this social engineering was bound to have negative consequences…in addition to the horrible death of so many unborn children. :frowning:

Why not let the women take multiple husbands? I’m sure that won’t cause any problems.


Here is another article on the subject:

There are signs officials are rethinking the ban, which has prevented 400 million births since 1979, because on present trends China’s population will begin to decline by the middle of the century. By then, India will have overtaken it as the most populous nation.


Here are some of the relaxed rules...

The rules allow couples who are both only-children to have two babies. Shanghai has introduced other exceptions, including more leeway for fishermen and farmers. It has also abolished a rule that couples who are allowed more than one child must wait four years between births.

Here are some of the consequences...(city referred to is Shanghai)

There are few babies to be seen on the streets of China’s commercial capital. The city is ageing so quickly that by 2020 more than a third of its 19 million people will be 60 or over. The city’s pension fund faces bankruptcy.

It is true that babies are scarce. I spent three weeks there on business and rarely saw a a couple with a baby.

India also is in big trouble; they have been aborting their female babies for decades.

I wrote about this a little while ago, in reaction to a few reports I’d read about Chinese gangs stealing women to sell as wives. It’s ironic because in China women have gone from worthless to precious. Nothing like scarcity to set the record straight.

From the Times: Kidnappers swoop on China’s girls.

From the Economist: Kidnapping Hmong women in Vietnam

For those who can’t access the Economist article, an excerpt:

The kidnapping has been going on for some time, and locals talk of a number of cases so far this year. The abductions follow a pattern: a Hmong girl is wooed by an out-of-towner—whether from Vietnam or China is not clear—who speaks her language. She is lured to a rendezvous to be drugged and smuggled into China, probably near Lao Cai, about an hour’s drive from Sapa. Tall, pretty girls are said to be particular targets.

…Within China itself, the abduction and sale of women has long been recognised as a prevalent social evil. Three decades of strict family-planning policies have exacerbated a traditional preference for boy children and contributed to a shortage of marriageable women.

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