China fires back at US human rights criticisms

On March12, the Chinese state council information office issued a “2009 America’s human rights record” in response to the U.S. State Department “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2009” to the world including China.
Here are some materials:

  1. Human rights record said there was the lack of proper protection of the American society, civic life, property and personal safety. The people in the United States owned the largest number of privately firearms in the world. Violent crimes on campus become the hardest hit.
  2. Human rights record said that it is very serious that the U.S. government restricts , violates the civil rights and political rights. U.S. law enforcement officers abuse their power. The prisons are overcrowding. The fundamental rights of prisoners can not be guaranteed.
  3. The United States proclaims “freedom of speech”, “freedom of the press”, "Internet freedom"on the one hand, but on the other hand, the American government monitored, restricted the civil liberties and rights in every mean just to meet their own interests and needs.
  4. Human rights record said that the poverty, unemployment, homelessness and other serious problems, the worker’s economic, social and cultural rights are not guaranteed in United States.
  5. Human rights record said that racial discrimination is still one of the major problem in American society. Blacks and other minorities are the poorest Americans.
  6. Human rights record mentioned the deteriorated living conditions of women and children in the United States, women and children’s rights are not duly protected. The United States is the only country not to apply to juvenile offenders released on parole.

Here is the AP news article about China’s document:

And should anyone care deeply enough to want to read the full document, here it is:

The report repeated a recent accusation that U.S. calls for China and other nations to lift tight controls on Internet content were merely part of a campaign to establish U.S. cultural domination.

On Jeopardy the other day, it was claimed the word ‘democracy’ was the word that was blocked most by the Chinese government from Chinese internet discussions.

The Chinese response touched on America’s gun crime and prison population and alleged rising problems with crime, poverty, homelessness and “chronic” racial discrimination.

Whassup with that? Just how black does Obama have to be before that claim gets old?

What were they expecting??!!

Perhaps a Tibetan?

As is routine, it offered sweeping statements that often mirrored charges in the U.S. report.

Ah yes, the old tit-for-tat routine
Already there is talk of Obama removing his Mao ornament from the White House Christmas tree next year.

Communist China again tries to deflect people from their own repulsive human rights record by pointing to America's, which is admittedly imperfect but better in every way.

The Chinese government just makes me mad with their non-stop idiocy :mad:

The US and Red China both have terrible records but the US would be the lesser of two evils in that at least unlike in Red China the Church is not being persecuted.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, I’m afraid that everything on that list is trumped by this image:

What can you learn from the picture? the tanks stopped!

The man was definitely hauled away by secret police afterwards, and most likely executed.

"There was a report of one tank crushing 11 civilians. Qi Zhiyong, a 33-year-old construction worker who lost his left leg from the knee down after he was shot by Chinese troops, told AP, “I saw people being run over. Blood sprayed everywhere. The tanks kept moving as if the people weren’t there. My hair stood on end. I was chilled to the bone.”"Source:

But the Chinese can get this information just by Googling it. Or not.

Possibly. However, the identity of the man is still unknown, as well as what became of him. There have been lots of rumors and speculation, but none of yielded any evidence of truth.

While the identity and fate of the man in the photo may not be known, there is no doubt that protesting students were run over by tanks and other military vehicles.

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