China flexes its military muscle: Beijing exploits Covid crisis to assert control of strategically vital South China Sea - and the US sends three warships in response

  • China pushes illegal its claims to land and oilfields in a two-million-square-mile area in South China Sea
  • Experts fear the South China Sea is where a war involving China, the United States and Russia could begin
  • China’s defence minister has even said his country would ‘fight at all costs’ if a war occurred with America

The communist regime is making plenty of allies.

Indonesia on Thursday demanded an explanation from China over sea burials of Indonesian crew members on Chinese fishing vessels, amid reports of mistreatment.

The incident came to light after South Korean media reported that Indonesian crew members on the ships said they had been forced to work under harsh conditions.

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), a British-based environmental rights group, alleged in a statement that some crew members had worked 18 hours a day, were paid little more than $1 a day and those who fell sick were not immediately taken for medical treatment ashore.

Please Lord let there be peace, not war.


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