China is encouraging its citizens to eat less meat — and that could be a big win for the climate


**An updated set of dietary guidelines just released by the Chinese government could be a boon not only for public health, say some environmentalists, but also for the environment. They’re arguing that the new recommendations have the potential to reduce China’s meat consumption, or at least slow its growth, which can help save land and water resources and put a substantial dent in global greenhouse gas emissions. **

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We should all eat less meat, dairy, sugary and processed foods, regardless of the environmental issues. People would be a lot heathier.


I could comprehend what they are doing, but I do believe the orthodoxy of its morality is way out of line.


All things considered, I’d prefer a government that didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what I eat.


But in a way doesn’t that lead to diabetes, heart problems, neurological problems, missed time at work, society having to pick up the tab?


I can’t think of a people LESS deserving of having their protein intake manipulated by the government than the poor Chinese, especially the rural Chinese. If China were really serious about “climate issues,” it might do something aout the unbelievable amount of uncontrolled emissions from its factories and heavy industries - all of which end up heading across the Pacific.


The guidelines are not concerned with climate issues. They seem to be standard nutritional suggestions which most developed nations promote (eat a variety of foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, limit the amount of meat and fatty foods, etc)

The impact on climate is simply the Washington Post evaluation of the new Chinese nutritional guidelines.


Oh, I think you’re completely right, but I think it has to do with China’s massive water crisis. Trying to limit meat consumption is an indirect way of conserving water. And they desperately need to do that. The Yangtze River is drying up, growing desertification is a problem, and they frequently suffer devestating droughts on top of everything else. My impression is that China couldn’t care less about pollution, but at the same time everything they’re saying is quite true. However it’s probably just a cynical deception to help them justify doing what they have to do.


This is complete utter nonsense. To reduce the CO2 levels we need to get rid of coal, the personal automobile and use solar, water and wind to generate electricity.



I agree mostly, except with dairy I am not so sure about. I do think that it is important to eat a lot of vegetables. Some types of vegetarians will allow milk, cheese and eggs. I don’t see anything wrong with eating cottage cheese. Some fish is farmed so perhaps farming fish would have less impact on the environment rather than depleting the fish, shrimp and lobsters from nature.


This is an intriguing article:


:thumbsup: Agreed.

We don’t’ have to eat meat every day, though there are people who are ill or need to. If we saw how our ‘meat’ was being treated, we all may want to reconsider. Meat really is a luxury, but people don’t think so anymore because its so easy to obtain. If you don’t consider the life that was given up for you so that you can take pleasure in eating it, I ask you to please try and raise the animal yourself. This is what I have done, and it has changed my view on eating meat. Its too easy to not be thankful for that life when its prepackaged and cut when you buy it. I suppose in a way you can say that about all foods- and all the people who worked to get that food to you. \

In the Bible, it says not to disparage farm work. There is something about being close to the land and livestock that brings the things of God closer to you. Jesus spoke very agriculturally several times. The more people who are cut off from the experience, the more difficult it is for them to understand what He was trying to say. I realize not everyone can do this, but its just sad. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t tried raising their own food to just try something small scale.


Thanks for that.


Of course there is the fact that all those cattle that would have been slaughtered and were not are out there passing gas, methane gas, hundreds of cubic feet of it per animal.



There are several hydroponic farm facilities popping up everywhere. Its a very ecological way to go. There are some even put in the middle of cities in empty large buildings. If done properly there is little wasted. They can even warm the water using composting animal dung from local dairies/farms. (For those who don’t know, composting manure gives off heat, and it also doesn’t smell at a certain stage)

I used to work selling fish- It was heartbreaking to see the amount of fish that got thrown out each week. Disgusting really. We were not even by law allowed to give it away to anyone in need once its due date was past. There were some weeks we didn’t sell anything at all- and fish by the tons had to be thrown away. I remember filling a whole huge trash bin full of fish one week. What a misuse of God’s gifts to us. I picture this large scale- I would bet at least we as a nation are eating as much fish as we are killing and throwing away, if not less.

At least with hydroponics, people could order fish ahead of time, and they be harvested at that time easily. No need for trolling the seas filling nets full of fish that won’t get eaten anyway. I really hope its the future. If I had a few more $$ and know how I’d be opening up my own facility.


Sure. :slight_smile: I suspect the reason they’re doing this is purely because it’s a necessity, though. Probably there’s some psychological mechanism which makes it easier for people to stomach sacrifice and austerity if they’re conditioned to believe they’re being heroic, and that they’re doing it for “the environment” or something lofty and noble sounding.


The Pope has spoken about environmental issues… you don’t agree?


I meant that for the Chinese government, invoking “the environment” might be sort of similar to invoking “the Party.” In other words, I suspect China is just between a rock and a hard place, and they can’t necessarily feed their populace with a food that requires such massive amounts of water and food to produce. So this may be an attempt to encourage austerity, while at the same time trying not to diminish morale too much.



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