China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years

It is said to be China’s biggest church and on Easter Sunday thousands of worshippers will flock to this Asian mega-temple to pledge their allegiance – not to the Communist Party, but to the Cross.

The 5,000-capacity Liushi church, which boasts more than twice as many seats as Westminster Abbey and a 206ft crucifix that can be seen for miles around, opened last year with one theologian declaring it a “miracle that such a small town was able to build such a grand church”.

The £8 million building is also one of the most visible symbols of Communist China’s breakneck conversion as it evolves into one of the largest Christian congregations on earth.

Wow, I hope so!

I like to see good news for once!

That would very welcome news.

Good news, and thought it was interesting that the writers don’t seem to know that a crucifix is not the same thing as a plain cross, which is what actually adorns the Liushi church. Oh well, a minor detail…

It sounds good, but it seems something about their one-child policy (among other things) needs to be done before Christianity subsumes China.

Don’t get me wrong though. Ever since I watched the “Keys of the Kingdom,” I knew the potential was there. We’ve had considerable number of missionaries for a long time in that area.

The one thing I have learned about Christianity is that it is counter-intuitive, it’s contrasts.

A king and God being born in a lowly stable, a one time carpenter challenging the worldly and religious authorities in His time and then finally His death bringing about the hope for eternal life.

In the face of dedicated and constant persecution, the more the Christian faith thrives. A Chinese friend told me that the more the Chinese government tries to stamp it out, the more it grows.

I think it is the other way around. Maybe the spread of Christianity may be the death knell for this one child policy.

China becoming a Christian nation would really change the course of world history. Marx turned out to be a false gospel for China, but fortunately, because Marx grew out of a Christian culture, Marxism shares the underlying motive of Christianity of raising the status and condition of the lowly and the despised of a society, the fallen and the lepers, the social outcasts and the tax collectors, up into full status members of the society of Jesus, his family even.

Chinese are now conscious of that as a good and worthy goal, and if they are now embracing the message in its full Christian truth, there is much reason to rejoice.

Sadly, Catholics (or what’s left of them) are in big trouble China, since their relationship with Rome is seen as highly problematic by the Communists. Bishops are appointed by the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association”, members of which were excommunicated by Pope Venerable Pius XII and which Pope Benedict XVI mentioned as being made up of people who are not ordained and in some cases not even baptized…

China may well become the largest Protestant nation, since the Protestants can establish churches without ties to organizations outside the country…

Either that or schismatic, if the bishops hold valid Apostolic Succession.

Wouldn’t surprise me. There’s going to be a vacuum of sorts in China soon enough. Religion in general will grow, Christianity could grow as well.

Christianity is far from dead. This is welcoming news. Prayers said to further inspire the people of China to have a robust faith in Christ Jesus. :clapping:

I have an uncle who does regular mission trips there (Christian). I should ask his opinion.

The unfortunate result of China favoring boy babies is that several generations of adults have far too many men for every woman. It occurs to me that if the Catholic Church makes a siginificant impact in China, there may be many men there that feel the call to priesthood more strongly. For years the theory has been that too many men would make too many soldiers. What if God desires them to turn a heartbreaking human tragedy and ask many Chinese men to serve Him instead? I’m not at all insinuating I can guess God’s plans. I’ve failed pretty dramatically at doing that in my own life, LOL! It’s just a happy thought that would definitely be a blessing for the entire world. It would not absolve the Chinese government of their crimes, but turn tragedy into triumph for God.

Having spent times in Asia during Christmas, I would say Christmas is bigger there than here. It’s very festive. People are not ashamed to display or say Merry Christmas even though they have no idea what is Christmas. And Christianity just grows out of curiosity.

I think that it’d be more problematic for Catholicism to grow in China b/c of the geopolitics the CCP sees with relating to the Vatican,although I can easily see Protestant denominations grow in a style not unlike South Korea…except maybe maybe with the Anglican Church b/c,uh ~ wouldn’t they have to relate to the Archbishop of Canterbury?.

I’m ok with china becoming Protestant and forgive me for being over confident but I like our evangelizing program. Let China be Protestant with some Catholicism, and once China is open to Christianity we can help them slowly but surely be catholic

I have read about that, because I have considered the possibility of going to China to teach at some point in my life. I have read that although the “CPCA” is not valid, there are a lot of “underground” Catholic churches in full communion with Rome.
I would be willing to bet that Catholicism will indeed thrive in China, whether it is legal under the government or not. After all, the truth will always survive, one way or another. Protestant churches may be more convenient, but they do not hold the fullness of truth. Catholicism will make its mark in China no matter how it may struggle to do so.

I don’t like the article title. It will be the most Christian nation in raw numbers before too much longer due to its enormous population, but not in proportionately. If you have 200 million Christians but over 800 million other people that are either Buddhist, Muslim, or irreligious, you still have a ton of work to do. The nation as a whole has a long way to go before it experiences its first “Constantine”, but nonetheless, the outlook in China is still very promising.

The potential was there all along. China has experienced several generations of an atheistic government. The soil is fertile and hungry for change. The stance has already softened in the past decades by switching to one of increasing begrudging tolerance and even respect. The Catholic Church has a harder burden in this respect because the Pope is barred from (publicly) appointing bishops in the country.

Interesting thought! We should all pray for the peaceful conversion of China and for vocations to the priesthood.

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