China opens its long-sought Olympics spectacularly

BEIJING (AP) - China didn’t just walk onto the world stage. It soared over it. At last playing its long-sought role as Olympic host, China opened the Summer Games in spectacular fashion Friday with an extravaganza of fireworks and pageantry dramatizing its ascendance as a global power.

[/FONT]Olympic fever…**

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Still boycotting it.
President George W. Bush poses for a photo with U.S. Olympic runner Lopez Lomong Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, in Beijing prior to Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Lopez Lomong, a survivor of the violence in his native Sudan, now a U.S. citizen, was selected by his teammates to lead the U.S. Olympic team into Olympic National Stadium carrying the United States Flag at the Opening Ceremony. (White House photo by Eric Draper)

-It was NUTS!

-I was watching from “Angel Restaurant” just a couple miles from the Bird’s Nest Stadium on a great big TV with all my classmates - that little girl has got to be world famous now!

-We could sometimes see the firework’s reflection on the clouds, which was cool, but I kinda wish we could have been closer to the stadium. With all those fireworks, its no wonder it’s another dreary day in “Northern Capital!” Kidding…Beijing DOES get foggy and it’s hard to distinguish the smog from the moisture in the air…unfortunately.

-PM Putin did NOT look happy at all when they showed him on the TV, I wonder if he KNEW what was going on in Georgia at that time. President Bush looked dignified and so did most of the other world leaders present. Does anyone know if the Prince of Monaco was there? I could only imagine that was him on TV, but I’m not sure.

-Thank goodness US delegation didn’t dress in track suits again!!!

The police were EVERYWHERE last night! I mean EVERYWHERE! Every intersection along every major or not-so-major street had cop cars sitting there. We even had trouble getting a taxi. Our teacher told us they were afraid of the police and being caught for doing something wrong right in front of the bazillions of gong an that were everywhere. It took us a long time to hail a cab that night.

Oh Him, my plane leaves in7 hours. I hate to leave right when everything gets started, but Im equally anxious to get back home.

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I don’t care what one thinks about China, this is absolutely incredible.
Apparently this is what an ascendant nation is able to accomplish.

This isn’t that unusual for China. Mass rallies under Mao were par for the course.

That’s incredibly reductionist.

The creativity, organizational challenges and financial commitment necessary to do this speak volumes. There is a lot to criticize about China. But this is impressive.

They are ascending and we are descending. Maybe we should wave to each other as we pass.

China wanted these Olympics to showcase itself to the world. I think that is well and good, and we should be gracious to their hospitality.

But they have a long ways to go on human rights and their mistreatment of blacks and Mongolians is disturbing, especially considering what some have described as Han racism. I think these things are vital to bear in mind in our future dealings with China.

I have worked and lived in China. That country is still stuck in the Feudal Age. This whole presentation is a HUGE farce!

Agreed. They certainly have a disturbing history with respect to human rights. But economically they are becoming a force to be reckoned with and I fear that in our future dealings, the power distribution may be in increasingly in their favor.

You are correct. We should be gracious.

They may be in the “Feudal Age” but they are on their way to economic superpower status. They have a serious human rights problem but that doesn’t change the fact that they are on the way up.

Again you obviously never been to China like I have.They are as powerful as we let them be.

I am boycotting it with you.

i watched the opening ceremonies tonight. very impressive.

i pray that there will be peace throughout these games and the threats against the games will not come to pass.

yes, China has really become a major player in the world today.
the asian cultures are so different from the west, but there are so many beautiful qualities in them.

i think i missed the dragon dance and that is what i was wanting to see the most. maybe they showed it when NBC went to break.
can’t say which was my favorite part.

Heck of a show, though. Mind-boggling!

How about trying out this:

“I don’t care what one thinks about Herr Hitler or the Nazi Reich, this is absolutely incredible. Apparently this is what a recovering nation is able to accomplish.” It was - but it was built on the same rotten foundation as the achievements of China today. The Nazis had the camps, the Soviets had the gulags - & the Chinese have laogais.
*]Organ Harvesting
*]Testimony of Harry Wu Executive Director, The Laogai Research Foundation:[/LIST]The only moral difference I can see is that after the horrors of Belsen & Buchenwald & Auschwitz, Westerners were well aware of what a modern, technologically equipped, ruthless & all-powerful tyranny could do. In 1939, there was some excuse for such ignorance; & even more in 1936, before Hitler had got well started, & could still hide his crimes from those not wishing to notice them. But now, a lifetime later ? What possible excuse is there to connive at what these murderers do? (This is a regime which makes abortion obligatory, BTW - great fun.) So much for the alleged “end of Communism”: the Chinese were clearly not told of its passing-away

Western “leaders” can grin vacuously all they like - in the meantime, those in the laogais are compelled (among other delights) to swallow faeces; let Bush & Brown & these other “men without chests” think of that, while they are being wined and dined.

Or is a criminal only a criminal if he fails ? Had the Third Reich survived, its leaders today would doubtless be treated with the same respect as Mao & his disciples. Without the crimes of Mao, & of his successors, China would not have been able to hold an Olympics.

You mean, “without the crimes of Mao… the People’s Republic of China would not have been able to hold an Olympics”. The Republic of China, on the other hand…

Well said, GoG (or, as I like to call you, BoB).

As the only existing R of C is the P’s R of C, I wrote as I did; but you’re right of course. If there had been a Republic of China that was (how can one put it ?) not built on tyranny, that would be a different thing.

An advocate of the PRC would have no difficulty pointing out that all states are founded on bloodshed; but that is no reason, from a Christian POV, to be blind to the horrors in the PRC. And they are really are horrific.

It was fantastic. At $300 Million, it should be though, eh?

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