China Pushes Back After Tillerson Warns on South China Sea


Tillerson had said China must be denied access to reefs
Short of war, ‘there is nothing the Americans can do’: Davis


I can’t help but think that there will be some kind of armed clash with China at some point in my lifetime. Maybe not all-out war, but some kind of conflict with shots fired and lives on both sides lost.

Looks more and more like a possibility every day…


Vietnam is challenging China’s attempt at controlling the South China Sea.

The Chinese are making a lot of waves.


Not only Vietnam.

China is attempting to control all of the South China Sea which is the location of a lot of trade routes between Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.



It is just noteworthy that Vietnam is building it’s military via India’s arms sales to protect its claims to the South China Sea.

South Korea and Japan have close ties to the US – if any Naval skirmishes happened with them it would get the US involved.


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