China’s Illicit Opioids a ‘Form of Undeclared War’


China’s Illicit Opioids a ‘Form of Undeclared War’

Expert says China is using drug trade to destroy America
By Charlotte Cuthbertson
August 19, 2018 Last Updated: August 19, 2018

WASHINGTON—The illicit opioids being manufactured in China and shipped to the United States are “almost a form of warfare,” President Donald Trump said at a cabinet meeting on Aug. 16.

“In China, you have some pretty big companies sending that garbage and killing our people,” Trump said.

More than 71,500 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2017, according to provisional data released Aug. 15 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 68 percent of those deaths can be attributed to opioids.

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With the amount of disagreement on issues that one may find, I think this is one that at least, most Americans and maybe just plain everybody should be able to agree on, is a serious wrong in our society. It appears to be taking a serious toll on Americans.

Interestingly, Opium Wars were fought in the 19th century, one can read about it in this wikipedia article: Perhaps, that back then, was wrong as well and according to the article, brought opium to China and undermined their society. I"m certainly no historian.


Ah, the revenge of Commissioner Lin.


Reminds me how many people McDonald’s kill worldwide. Probably more than those drugs.


I don’t think there is a comparison. It’s not as if China currently is threatening physical war if America refuses to buy those drugs.


if thats the case stronger protocol to prevent the import of the drugs from china, how is that many drugs from china getting into the country?


Then, that list can go on and on and fingers pointed everywhere. Crayons with asbestos in them? Some made in China for Playskool were found to have it in them.

So, if it comes down to that, the dollar stores are full of things from China. I might think twice about getting edible items from China. Of course, we all hear about the pollution in some of their major cities.

I doubt if McDonald’s or what may be even more popular, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are much of a threat unless someone is eating all of their meals there and even then, you’d have to be eating a lot of their red meat, no salads.


Probably the deadliest of all McD foods are the deep fried things like French fries, chicken and fish sandwiches. But we do need SOME fat in our diet.

The asbestos in the crayons is beyond creepy. One remembers toys they sent over that had lead in the paint.


I don’t think McDonald’s food is all that nutritious but nor do I think it’s deadly or inimical to life in some fashion. I’ve never understood why it got that reputation.


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