China’s Schools Pledge to Do Away with Religion

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Societies that eradicate religion - no one specific religion, mind you - from people through the force of the state only seek to ruin all rules of morality and norms of that society. Long before Christianity was even a religion, we had received our moral code from religious beliefs and, through philosophy, found more objective truths that set the precedent for Judaic and Christian law. China is trying to do what the Soviets had also attempted: to gain a sense of morality and value from the state, versus a divine source.

The moment that the state replaces divinity as the predominant source of moral value, society and culture die.

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Why doesn’t China get mentioned in any Marian apparition? Do you think she may have appeared in China and they have quashed it?

Seems like we’re not doing too much better.

If only huge swathes of Chinese history didn’t prove this wrong (see for example, Neo-Confucianism.)

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She’s appeared there twice. The apparitions are considered “traditionally approved” by the Miracle Hunter website, because the Vatican didn’t issue an official approval but gave an implicit approval in authorizing a shrine to be built there. Pope Pius XII put a feast on the calendar for Our Lady of China, but the Chinese government destroyed the shrine (which was actually the second shrine as the first one was destroyed in WWII), doesn’t let pilgrims go to the shrine area, and the priests had to hide the image of her underground somewhere.

One day China will be free and there will likely be another shrine then and probably many conversions if we just pray. China in its current state is unsustainable. I have considered just doing an entire year of indulgences for Chinese deceased people because it will barely scratch the surface of how many people the government has managed to kill off through its stupid policies throughout the last century.

Here is what I would like to know: Catholics all over the world prayed for years and years for Russia to be “converted” which basically meant that we wanted Communism to fall and the Church, which would include the Russian Orthodox Church, to be established again. Eventually the Wall fell and communism went away and the Orthodox Church as well as Catholic churches (to the extent present in the Iron Curtain countries) are back.

How come we do not have a similar prayer initiative happening for China? It’s probably in worse shape than the Soviet Union was. Our Lady should not have to show up and tell us to do this.

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