China’s six-to-one advantage over the US

**China’s six-to-one advantage over the US
**By Spengler

																America outspends China on defense by a margin of more than six to one, the  																	Pentagon estimates. [1] In another strategic dimension, though, China already  																	holds a six-to-one advantage over the United States. Thirty-six million Chinese  																	children study piano today, compared to only 6 million in the United States.[2]  																	The numbers understate the difference, for musical study in China is more  																	demanding. 																	
																It must be a conspiracy. Chinese parents are selling plasma-screen TVs to  																	America, and saving their wages to buy their kids pianos - making American kids  																	stupider and Chinese kids smarter. Watch out, Americans - a generation from  																	now, your kid is going to fetch coffee for a Chinese boss. That is a bit of anexaggeration, of course - some of the bosses will be Indian. Americans really,  																	really don’t have a clue what is coming down the pike. The present shift in  																	intellectual capital in favor of the East has no precedent in world history.       																	

With 36 million Chinese children studying piano, compared to just 6 million in the United States, China is set to form an intellectual elite of unrivalled proportions. By mastering the most elevated and characteristically Western forms of high culture, China is proving that great empires can transcend their roots to become originators rather than imitators. Anyone who doubts this probably doesn’t get Mozart’s jokes either. (Dec 1,'08),&

OK so they can play the piano, but would YOU fly in a 2 seat airplane made in China?

As long as the Chi Coms rule, snuffing out individuality, and creativity, they are gonna have problems. Once you get out into the countryside, China has a long way to go, funny how 2 billion people, can’t out produce little ole us with 250 million.

Is it meaningful to compare the dollar values of what the two countries spend on defence?

Chinese soldiers don’t get paid as much as American soldiers. Chinese weaponry probably doesn’t cost them as much to produce. So comparing based on cash value seems meaningless.

How about a comparison on numbers. Like number of soldiers, number of tanks, number of planes, etc?

There are no disadvantages or advantages. This is pathetic. As a citizen of the world, this disturbs me.

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