China seeks soften image with U.S.

(Gee, I can’t imagine why Americans may be wary of China.I’m sure the communism aspect has nothing to do with it.)

China seeks soften image with U.S.

Jul. 28, 2005 at 9:38AM

China has embarked on an image-polishing campaign to counter U.S. criticism of its growing economic and military power.

Taking advantage of the visit of a senior official to Washington, China is making its case in public for a strategic relationship and is hiring a U.S. lobbying firm to communicate with Congress, the Financial Times said Thursday.

Tang Jiaxuan, state councilor, assured the U.S.-China Business Council, “All this will mean boundless opportunities for U.S. businesses.”

China, he said, would “gradually” address U.S. concerns over the trade deficit and intellectual property rights and allow it greater access to services.

Tang reiterated Chinese demands that the United States give China full market economy status, lift restrictions on commodity and technology exports “and correct the wrong practices of trade protectionism.”

Tang, a key figure in Chinese efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, also met with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

read this eye witness report and figure out what kind of goverment is that.
slightly out of date, but due to heavy media censorship in China, I don’t think it’s been reported yet in the US.

I, a citizen living in DongWan TangXia(a place in Canton province), witness a horrific event(literal translation: an event making my hair stand on end) This tragic made countless innocent families lost their loved ones. yesterday 10pm, when a taxi from You village Hunan province was unloading its passenger(s) at Garden Street, a man named Huang, more than 30 years of age driving an Audi without a licence, asking the taxi to move over so that he can overtake. the taxi didn’t as there’re too many cars around. The Audi driver got off his car with the smell of alcohol surrounded him, dragged the taxi driver off his car, kicked and insulted the taxi driver repeatedly. the taxi driver didn’t fight back and drove away. Huang, the Audi driver still disgruntled, followed the taxi to Bodun Hotel Garden Street where he was waiting for new passengers. Huang then phoned his friend who immediately came in a Mazda 6 with licence number Yue16988 and reversed into the taxi, Huang then rammed the taxi from behind. they two then drag the taxi driver off his car and assaulted him again. other taxi drivers parked behind came to rescue their follow worker. Huang then phoned the traffic police. the police come and try to confiscate the taxi. taxi drivers protested as this is not a traffic accident but an assault and believe Huang did that because he’s a local while taxi drivers were usually from neighboring provinces. fearing the crowd, Huang and friend escaped. some taxi drivers phoned 110(law enforcement police) and ask Huang and friend be brought back. traffic police refused and insisted on confiscating the taxi. a quarrel persued. 2pm police phoned other police station and 200 riot police with batons and shield came. more than 10 taxi drivers were injured including 4 seriously injured who had to be sent to hospitals to be rescued. blood from the head of one taxi driver kept streaming down. angry taxi drivers arrived later overturned the unlicenced Audi. and in the Audi they found a police uniform, a long knife and a dagger. traffic police then enclosed the scene and one of them drew a sword(long knife) telling the taxi drivers they “were garanteed to die”. so taxi drivers smashed windows of a police car and overturned 2 police motorbikes. 11am police chief came and said the owner of the Audi was willing to offer $125,000 to settle this case secretly without being reported by media. suspecting the Audi driver is one of the police forces, taxi drivers refused and phoned reporter to come. 12 o’clock about 500 taxi gather in front of the goverment building on Garden Street and asking the goverment to judge the case. no response from inside. then hundreds of riot police came with iron bars, batons and shields. they stroke and arrestest everyone they meet regardless of gender and age. all taxis there,more than 100, are smashed and confiscated. the whole street was overrun by blood. near 100 were injured, near 100 were arrested. a little after 3pm, 6 armored car and 2 troop transport trucks rolled into the district where taxi drivers from You Village resides. they isolated the area and smashed every taxi inside and arrested every male they saw. they rammed doors open, broke into people’s homes, bound and arrested residents. so far nothing is knew about people taken away. TangXia hospital and 3rd hospital had housed many injured taxi drivers and police ordered them to be isolated and no one including relative of patients can get near the hospital. June 15th police were still searching for taxis. and hospitals refuse to accept patients from Hunan with light injuries.

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