CHINA - Tensions between Han Chinese and Uyghur’s continue. Hu Jintao abandons the G8 [AN]

Despite a curfew and 20 thousand soldiers and policemen, there are still demonstrations, raids and inter-ethnic clashes. The failure of the “harmonious society” ideal preached by Hu Jintao. The Chinese president rushes from Italy to China.

Urumqi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Hundreds of Muslim Uyghur’s gathered in the city centre this morning, defying the tens of thousands of policemen and soldiers patrolling Urumqi after the violent clashes of recent days. Meanwhile the President Hu Jintao has left Italy, abandoning the G8, in a rush to return to Beijing, because of the worsening crisis.

At least 200 Uyghur’s, armed with sticks, iron bars and stones began to protest today in front of cordons of policemen armed with rifles bayonet, surrounding a predominantly Han neighbourhood. A smaller group of Uyghur’s launched insults against a group of Chinese Han on the other side of the road.


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