China Threatens to Throw America 'Into the Mighty Sea of the Coronavirus.'

Not sure why this hasn’t been posted yet.

In an article in Xinhua, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces, Beijing threatened that it can impose pharmaceutical export controls after which America will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”


They can pound sand as far as I’m concerned.

How about go fly a kite?


Trump has been president 3 days or 3 years?


They probably have patents on those too.

They have all the production…we’ll be pounding sand if they choose

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So the PRC is showing its true colors for all the world to see.

This should serve as a lesson to the corporations who think manufacturing in China is a good idea.

After all what’s stopping China from seizing their factories?



Sounds very much like economic sanctions, Isn’t this what we Americans already do to disobedient economies?

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I think the reason it has not been posted is that it is not an official statement of the government. It is the opinion of one Chinese news editor. We have some crazy newspaper editors here too. But the world doesn’t get all upset whenever one of them goes off the deep end.

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Do you think that having the vast majority of our pharmaceuticals made in China is a good thing or bad thing? Even if an opinion, It highlights the fact we are in a very precarious position.


Hmm, seems my 8 prescriptions are not MIC.

Over on a music forum I post on, someone claimed that ALL low dose aspirin is MIC. Just looked at my Bayer 81mg and it is labeled made in Spain.

Many drugs are manufactured in non China countries but the chemical ingredients used in them are made in China. That is a problem. Bayer might pound them into little pills but if the acetylsalicylic acid comes from China? All Bayer could do at that point is make flour pills.


I went to the link and used google translate to get an idea of the original articles.
It is different that what is being suggested.

If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States. Then the United States will be caught in the ocean of new crown viruses.

According to the US CDC officials, most masks in the United States are made in China and imported from China. If China bans the export of masks to the United States, the United States will fall into the mask shortage, and the most basic measures to prevent the new crown virus are Can’t do it.

Also according to the US CDC officials, most of the drugs in the United States are imported, and some drugs are imported from Europe. However, Europe also places the production base of these drugs in China, so more than 90% of the US imported drugs are Related to China. The implication is that at this time, as long as China announces that its drugs are as domestic as possible and banned exports, the United States will fall into the hell of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

However, there is a great love in the world. The Chinese people and the Chinese government have never done so. They have not insulted the United States, nor have they banned the export of masks and medicines to the United States. As China ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic is gradually controlled, China ’s ability to export masks and medicines Will be greatly enhanced, and the United States is one of the demand side. US government officials, such as Secretary of Commerce Rose, US Secretary of State Pompeo, and US White House Economic Adviser Navarro, have publicly gloated over China’s new crown pneumonia epidemic, saying that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China is good for the United States and will help companies return to the United States. It also called on companies around the world to consider the risks of China’s supply chain. Even the infamous “Wall Street Journal” published an infamous article “China is a real patient in Asia”, and the “New York Times” in the United States also published a document condemning the closure of Wuhan in China as a violation of human rights. The American culture of falling rocks is really shameless. Today, Feng Shui is taking turns, and the United States has become a victim of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At this time, China has not fallen into rocks and has not condemned the United States. At this time, the United States should be more mistakes for the past. Apologize to China for your actions.

During this time, a voice deliberately speculated that China owes the world an apology, which is very ridiculous. In order to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China has made huge sacrifices, paid huge economic costs, and cut off the new crown virus. The route of transmission. No country has made such a great sacrifice and effort in this new crown pneumonia epidemic.

I can certainly appreciate the translation that the OP was based on may be off. I don’t think though that lessens the problem: It is not good for the US to be dependent on China for basic medicines, that if withheld, could be quite catastrophic. One certainly could argue the chances are remote, but then again, China is a rival on many levels, and should never be trusted.

It seems in their best interest to be a reliable supplier. The last thing they’d want is to force manufacturer elsewhere.

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Chuna is not going to take a hit on their economy to worsen the hit it’s already taken. They just want to deflect the focus from their evil goals.

They are playing the insult card. Imo going by their track record.

LeafByNiggle . . . .

I think the reason it has not been posted is that it is not an official statement of the government. It is the opinion of one Chinese news editor. We have some crazy newspaper editors here too. But the world doesn’t get all upset whenever one of them goes off the deep end.

If this was a State-run Communist China newspaper, would you think this is just merely some rogue reporter too?

Ok, I didn’t realise that. Still, quality control is perhaps better in other countries.

We can hope.

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How do you know this particular newspaper represents official Chinese government policy? Who is it who says so?

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