CHINA - TIBET - NEPAL - China accuses Dalai Lama of profaning Tibetan Buddhism over reincarnation [AN]

The next governor of Tibet launches attack on the Nobel Peace Prize winner: “His statements about reincarnation are hypocritical and contrary to religion. It is the Chinese central government that recognizes and endorses the leader of Buddhism.” In Nepal the authorities prohibit “any event” to commemorate the failed uprising in Tibet.


What’s next? Is the PRC going to start naming cardinals?

Does anyone else see the irony in them accusing anyone or anything else as “contrary to religion”?

Did the Dali Lama just refuse to “reincarnate” himself as part of a protest against communism?

Lol. I think that’s hilarious! That would have caught them off guard!

Clever guy!

In other news, Beijing has set the date of the Second Coming to 2049 to coincide with the end of the People’s Revolution, has begun building a combination Temple of Jerusalem/hydroelectric project in Hubei, and has decided to reinforce state atheism by ordering Christopher Hitchens to reincarnate as a Party member.

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