China to Build Railway Connecting US and Asia


China has plans to build a 13,000 kilometer high speed rail line to connect China and the United States requiring a tunnel under the Bering Strait connecting Russia and Alaska.


What better means of takeover of America than to build a mass transit system to create mass Chinese migration to infiltrate. Since we owe China something like several trillion dollars, I suppose this is the first step in the takeover process.


This sounds like a very ambitious endeavor. That said, I wonder if they really have the finances to be able to fund such a thing. I don’t know hardly anything about China’s economic system.



That’s what we get for buying all those “Made in China” products for all these years. I never bought any of them.


Yep. If they can afford to buy a trillion dollars of worthless American debt, they can surely afford to build a bullet train to come here. Why wouldn’t they… :frowning:


That assumes that Russia wants any part of the scheme.



Of course they do, they hold all our debt. Maybe they’ll just call in the loans if they run out of money.

Lol, no but I really think it would be swell to have a connector between Russia and Alaska. I think it’s funny that Russia is our neighbor. Especially because their other neighbor is Europe. They are the perfect straddle between East and West.


That is so cool! I guess we better brush up on mandarin since we’ll probably have more people visiting.


I too think it would be cool to extend the Trans-Siberian RR to NA.

Maybe this would finally motivate us to refurbish our train system.



What does one assume China’s motivation is for doing this? IOW, what do they get out of it?


I think they’re overpopulated and are planning a takeover. They need the land, and their government is hostile.

…also, if Russia is their friend, they would surely want to partake in an operation like this because Russia would benefit from it too.


…and if my instincts are right, the American people would be completely for it if the ‘Think Tanks’ tell the politicians to allow it. :doh2:


I highly doubt it.

Russia does China and with good reason.


Why in the world would China want to create a passenger train to America though? Logically, wouldn’t they prefer a freight rail? :confused:

Any ideas as to make sense of this…? :shrug: To just blow money…? :shrug:

I think they want to export people. They want a stronger foothold or ‘presence’ here. The Chinese are known to think looooooong term… We Americans are short term thinkers with no long term goals at all. That’s why China will own us in the long run. :(. Unless we change our ways and dump progressive ideologies quickly.


:hmmm: Maybe its part of a big huge demographic trojan horse? If so, they’re thinking far ahead. On the other hand, it would take days to get to the US from China by rail - even high speed rail.



I think all of this talk is exactly what China wanted. The proposal to build a rail line to North America is being pushed by two US companies. The two companies have been promoting the idea to multiple governments for more than a decade.

There hasn’t been any Chinese government announcement of a plan to build such a rail line. Instead, a professor of engineering wrote an opinion article for the Beijing Times. His viewpoint was reported by the English-language newspaper China Daily. From there, the Western press has blown the story into something bigger than it is.

On May 7th, the Beijing Times ran a commentary by rail expert Wang Mengshu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, citing plans to build a high-speed rail line nicknamed the China-Russia-Canada-America line.

“Right now we’re already in discussions. Russia has already been thinking about this for many years,” Mengshu told the paper. It was not clear to what extent the Chinese government is supporting the proposal.

Both Cooper and Soloview have spent the past two decades promoting the construction of a Bering Strait tunnel to connect the US to Russia by rail, but the participation of China overcomes a number of previous problems.

Hal Cooper is the head of the Cooper Consulting Company in Kirkland, Washington. Fyodor Soloview is the founder of InterBering, LLC, a private, Alaska-based company dedicated to building the Bering Strait tunnel.

Cooper and Soloview claim that hauling freight to and from China is what would make the rail line economically feasible.


This has already been created, it’s called air travel.

[quote=TEPO]Why in the world would China want to create a passenger train to America though? Logically, wouldn’t they prefer a freight rail?

I didn’t see any indication in the story that the rail was exclusively, or even mostly, for passenger use.

[quote=TEPO]What does one assume China’s motivation is for doing this? IOW, what do they get out of it?

The story is poorly written, simply describing rumors or other reports in the Chinese media, without citing a specific person or entity that is proposing this plan. It could easily be some fringe commentator, or random musings of some aspiring politician.

But if it is actually being promoted, it is probably from within Chinese industry. So what do they get out of it? 1) Money, from enormous contracts that will presumably be funded in large part by the Chinese, Russian, and American governments. 2) Industry-leading expertise that will allow them to dominate the field for decades to come, in the way that a few oil companies have been able to dominate oil drilling, or Airbus and Boeing have dominated commercial aviation over recent decades.

[quote=TEPO]…also, if Russia is their friend, they would surely want to partake in an operation like this because Russia would benefit from it too.

Russia is not their friend, but will take part if they will get something out of it. Certainly trade would be a little easier with a land link to NA. Of course, Russia’s main exports at the moment are oil and gas. I’m not a civil or petroleum engineer, but it seems to me if they’re already building a tunnel for a train, it can’t be that much harder to build a wider tunnel to include a pipeline or two. I’m not sure how competitive this would be, considering the significant oil and gas production already in place in North America, and the extra costs transporting the Russian gas and oil along this route.

Russia might also insist on something more symbolic like using the wider Russian track gauge.


They already are exporting people, albeit not intentionally. . . I think

However if their goal is to have an already stronger presence here, than they already have what it takes. They’re called airplanes. :smiley:


I know you are joking, but Im actually a bit surprised its not REQUIRED for all school kids to learn to read and write Chinese in modern times. Im not joking either.


Are you kidding; NAnian youths don’t even learn ENGLISH properly anymore.

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