China to contribute to Haiti

It was reported that Sixty-eight members of China’s International Search and Rescure Team arried in the Beijing Capital International Airport Wednesday following a 12-day mission in Port-au-Prince. The first Asian team reaching Haiti found 15 bodies and provided medical services to more than 2500 people after the earthquake. 48 Chinese nationals stranded in quake-hit Haiti also arrived in Beijing with the rescue team.
The fact is that the international foucus should be on the Mediterranean country in a long-term fashion rather than just for short-term aid of seveal months. Haitian people are short of medicine and tents, adding that many injured people could not get proper medical treatment because limited supplies had to be used saving lives.
Now, Chinese peachkeeping riot police and US stoops Thursday carried out their firs joint patrol in Port-au-Prince designated by the UN Stbilization Mission in Haiti. The operation was to help Haitian police keep order and capture criminal suspects. A tactical team of 10 Chinese riot police and 2 squads from the US 82nd Airborne Division conducted the patrol.

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