China Vatican relations warming under Pope Francis - Catholicism in Chinese media



OK, but what will happen with reference to birth control and China’s population restriction policy?


See reference below:

Actually, at this time, China is working on ending their “2 child policy.”. It was just reported last week. It’s not working. They may have to go through some legislative hoops in order to do this. It might not be as easy as the President just declaring it “no more”.

So, as for that limit, one would have to study the issue, maybe all of the restrictions will be lifted.

It’s interesting if this “forced birth control” policy is not working. That seems to be the usual case.


Fascinating article. It will be interesting to see how the Chinese, if applicable, allow the Church to flourish.


Is it true that the children of Catholic parents are not allowed to be Catholics?


I have not heard this.


China needs to be watched. I’m no expert so I can’t judge malicious intent but I’d be very cautious of them.

When I websearched articles on “China” and “Catholics”; I get a ton of articles. If one wants to know more, research.


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