China's ambassador to Britain compares Japan to Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort and declares the nation a threat to global peace

Liu Xiaoming criticised visit by Japanese PM to controversial war shrine
He said the monument ‘represents the darkest parts of that nation’s soul’
Shrine seen as reminder of Japan’s 20th-century aggression against China
Chinese chef crashes hot-air balloon by islands contested by both nations

If that is the case I regard China like the Borg in Star Trek.

I think that this is the first time that I heard of the Harry Potter children book series being used in that way.

Someone might want to let the Ambassador know that this is a children’s fantasy fiction, and this magical world does not really exist in the real world.

This might be a good time to insert a reminder that, whatever the current politico-economic status of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese people themselves did suffer a great deal at the hands of the Japanese during the period 1937-1945.

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