China's tortured victims on display in U.S.?

Under pressure from officials, a company is offering its customers their money back after exhibiting plasticized humans that could be the bodies of China’s persecuted victims.
According to an ABC News report, ** General Andrew Cuomo said the company might be displaying “the remains of individuals that may have been tortured and executed in China.”

  • of real human bodies*.

I just don’t get it. More reasons to pray.

:frowning: This exhibt was just here in San Antonio,Tx at the Witte Museum …I myself did not go to it,something about it turned me off.My sister and her boyfriend went to Philadelphia to the see the Liberty Bell and the famous Mutter Muesum.
They have the body cast of Ing and Chang, the first siamese twins,plus all sorts of preserved medical speciems and wax models of strange and odd medical conditions.

Would I see these chinese bodies at the Mutter,yes if I was already there.The Mutter was founded by a Dr.Mutter if I recall back in the 1800s.It is a teaching museum for the medical profession and for research purposes,though open to the public.
The exhibits there,though some maybe gruesome, are to educate doctors,which to me is not exploytation since the knowledge gained can help heal people,that’s different.The other is just a way to shovel money to the chinese government.

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