Chinese / Arabic tridentine hand missal


There are a steady number of Chinese university students in my (English) city, many of them have little or no Christian contact. I wish to put out an advertisement in Chinese & English for the tridentine mass, but I, can’t find any resources for the mass in Chinese, I would buy or even print my own, but I dont speak a word of Chinese, they speak English but I think Latin to Chinese instead of Latin to English would be more familiar, and encourage them to spread the word. The same for Arabic, there are a considerable amount of students from the gulf States as well. A book in Chinese or Arabic even explaining the (pre Vatican 2) mass would be good.


I would stick to the English booklet especially if you are in an English town and they are students. Both my husband and I are not native speakers and live in an English speaking town. When we (or our friends) receive booklets or letters in our own native language from Jehova witnesses we feel sometimes amused, but mostly annoyed and singled out.


The CBCEW has a Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis. You might care to send them an email asking what they think about the language question. I’m inclined to agree with @aroosi that the more effective approach would be in English.


You should consider contact the Asian District of the SSPX as they go to those countries and would be able to be of some help in this regard:


Thanks for the advice, I had no idea how to navigate this. I’ll just produce more English hand missals.


Many of the Arab Christians are members of one of the eastern rites.


You’ll find it hard to get anything translated into Arabic easily. You’ll probably need to approach a Standard Arabic professor, and take care not to get anything translated into anything but Standard Arabic. The Arab states each has a different dialect so a Gulf student from Yemen or Oman would probably find it annoying to be reading something in Saudi dialect, but Standard Arabic is understood in all Arab states, to varying degrees. It’s the language that’s used for intercommunication between the different Arabic peoples. Take care, however, as the degree of familiarity with Standard Arabic decreases the farther you go from Arabia, especially since some of the Arab students may be from Levantine countries such as Lebanon or Jordan. The Gulf Arabs speak dialects derived completely from Standard Arabic and so would find the language easy to understand, but Lebanese Arabs speak a dialect derived from Syriac, grafted onto Arabic,and so would find it a bit difficult to understand.
Lebanese can normally understand Standard Arabic but can barely speak it. It’s so different from the Lebanese that we speak here so as to be almost incomprehensible.
EDIT: You probably wouldn’t need to evangelize Jordanians or Lebanese Muslims anyways. They already have sufficient contact with Christians in their countries.


Find out if there are diocese or Vatican approved translations of official documents like missal, prayers, creeds etc. If there are, those are to be used. Your diocese would know and also knows who to contact.

If it is just a poster to welcome people to Mass or some other kind of event then it is a totally different ballgame.

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