Chinese Christian persecutions

I saw in these posts that Chinese Christians is being persecuted. very horrible.

can anyone give another references about this?

Communism is full of sophisms and is incompatible with the Truth.

I pray for our Catholic brothers and sisters in China.

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The Bitter Winter blog is the best online source for religious persecution in China. One recent news item is the “Sinicized Bible”. The Chinese government is expected to publish, shortly, its own censored Bible, in which any teaching deemed incompatible with Chinese Communism will be duly “corrected”. Bitter Winter has said it will carry further details as they become available.

didn’t mean to disrespect the victims, looks like corona virus is not enough to “slap” Xi in his face.

looks like it’s still not enough to “wake” him up.

to make him realized that he is just a human.

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