Chinese Christians

When Communist China expelled all of the Christian missionaries (mostly Catholics, I believe) in 1945 or 1946 (I don’t recall the exact date), the leaders of China thought they had done away with Christianity once and for all. What they did, though, is force Christianity to go indigenous. Now there is a “Chinese Christianity” that is growing. Currently, there are probably more Chinese Christians then American Christians. And, according to some estimates, at the current rate of growth the popuplation of China will be 30-40% Christian in another 100 years. This will be world-changing, I preduct.

Usually, when the Church is persecuted, it grows. The persecution has a sort of cleansing affect, as well as a “fertilizing” affect on it. It should be interesting for those of you who may be around long enough to see this process (at least in part).

The persecution they experience there though is not visible to the world. A short film was made to illustrate this. It can be found here:

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