Chinese delay Green Dam - Youth Escort filtering software

There is some discussion about censorship of websites that do not conform with the government’s ideology, which I think is valid, and also with concerns that the software may contain stolen code, issues with requiring one particular vendor’s web-filtering software over all others, etc. What I find disturbing in reading these stories though is that there seems to be little mention by those protesting the requirement of web-filtering software of the legitimate concern for blocking pornographic and violent websites, especially from children.

It’s been a few years since I’ve purchased a computer, but the last couple times I’ve purchased it online where you can pick and choose various components and software. I’m surprised that web-filtering software was not offered. I hope it is now. I think PC manufacturers would do well to offer such software at the time of purchase, perhaps even including it and setting it up to block “adult” websites by default.

The problem with the Chinese program isn’t that it blocked porn, but that it blocked sites which took issue with Chinese government policy. The program also monitored what you typed, both online and offline. Some people alleged that this information, along with web use logs, was being reported back to either the Chinese government or the company which created the program.

I dunno… I guess I prefer freedom of choice. If someone wants filtering software on their computers, such programs are readily available. And its nice to be able to choose a program which doesn’t come with an extra agenda as does Green Dam.

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