Chinese Firms Are Exporting ‘Torture Devices’ to Africa


Chinese companies are increasingly getting into the business of selling torture instruments, such as restraint chairs and spiked batons, to police departments in countries with miserable human rights records, Amnesty International claimed in a report on Tuesday.

At least 130 Chinese companies are now selling or manufacturing such equipment, up from just 28 a decade ago, the rights group says.

Remember that the Catholic Church teaches that torture is evil:

2297 Kidnapping and hostage taking bring on a reign of terror; by means of threats they subject their victims to intolerable pressures. They are morally wrong. Terrorism threatens, wounds, and kills indiscriminately; it is gravely against justice and charity. Torture which uses physical or moral violence to extract confessions, punish the guilty, frighten opponents, or satisfy hatred is contrary to respect for the person and for human dignity. Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law.


It’s ridiculous to blame the Chinese when the article highlighted the real problem - some countries lack the rule of law.

The evil have no problem creating their own restraints and torture devices.
Adding weights to leg irons is not rocket science.
As you must know, even water and a board can be a torture device.

I repeat, it’s about THE RULE OF LAW


Whilst it is right to condemn the use of torture it should be noted that the USA has taken a very prominent role in training many agencies in many states in torture methods and supply equipment designed for torture as have some of it’s allies such as the UK.


Recently? I know Reagan fought for the Convention Against Torture’s passing in the 80’s, and each subsequent U.S. administration has affirmed it and maintained its compliance.


Publically at least -the US like all large powers is not above using torture at times. It tends to torture it’s own citizens far less than many other nations. However it has trained quite a large number of odious individuals via routes such as the School of the Americas (although I know that due to the reputation of that institution been poor it was renamed in recent years)

This leaves asides rendition flights and other issues centring around them.


I’ve heard the old stories about the SOA, but it’s very different now, much more regulated. If they are teaching torture, they are hiding it well from the people that do internal reviews. And considering that major figures in politics are on its board, there’s surely a lot of pressure to make sure the internal controls are strict… the last thing a politician wants is to be party to a lack of proper oversight in a human rights abuse.

As for rendition, our policy has been against rendition for the purpose of torture. I know a lot of people believe that it’s just done with a wink and a nod with countries like Egypt, but without real evidence I’m not going to judge anyone complicit. Condoleeza Rice, for example, would know of such arrangements, and has yet to speak out against them. I find it hard to believe that someone like her would keep quiet about this.


Well, there’s waterboarding. Then there’s the black site in Poland that the CIA has been running for years and years.

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