Chinese-Latin or Chinese-English Missals

Does anyone know of where one could purchase Chinese-Latin or Chinese-English missals?


In… China? :slight_smile:
Kidding… try this place

[quote=dvalle27]In… China? :slight_smile:
Kidding… try this place

Haha, yeah that would be the easiest way. Site seems to be kind of an anti-novus ordo site so I’m not exactly sure if that’s exactly what I’m looking for, but thanks though.

Hi David,

Any luck finding a Chinese-English missal? If not, let me know and I can e-mail you a file with the text of the mass in Chinese characters (with Cantonese and Mandarin romanizations) and English. The file contains the Novus Ordo mass. I tried to upload the file, but no luck! :frowning:

Jennifer :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer,
Was wondering if you still have access to the file with the Chinese and English Mass? I would like a copy of it as my wife is Chinese and am having a hard time trying to explain to her what is going on at Mass. My e-mail is

This thread is almost eight years old, and jms has had no activity on these forums since 2006. Forum rules discouraged the resurrecting of threads older than one year. Since you’re new, we can excuse you…just this once. :smiley: Welcome to CAF, by the way!

Thanks, do you happen to know were to obtain a Chinese Missal?

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